Spanish operator Red Eléctrica becomes shareholder in Coreso

BRUSSELS, 27-Oct-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — Red Eléctrica, as the transmission grid manager and operator of the Spanish high-voltage electricity system, has joined and become a shareholder in Coreso, the coordinating body for regional security, joining the TSOs from Belgium (Elia), France (RTE), the UK (National Grid), Italy (Terna), Germany (50Hertz) and Portugal (REN).

The involvement of the Spanish operator arises from the recommendation of the European Commission and the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) for the promotion of greater and increased coordination among European operators, with the support of a Regional Security Centre (RSC).

The CEO of Coreso, Patrick De Leener, explained: “Following on from the Portuguese operator (REN) in 2015, REE’s purchase of a stake in Coreso ensures geographical coherence of operational coordination in the SWE (South Western Europe) region. Now that Spain is on board, Coreso can act as the RSC for Iberia. REE’s involvement is an important milestone as it will enable an efficient approach to cooperation on services in the region, which started some time ago in connection with capacity calculations.”

The CEO of Red Eléctrica, Juan Lasala, on his part stated: “Taking on this commitment means we can count on the backing of the system operators of neighbouring countries associated with Coreso in order to ensure the security of electricity supply at all times. Spain has extensive experience and knowledge it can contribute to the coordination of the operation of electricity systems in south western Europe; systems with which it shares similar characteristics. Moreover, given the new international interconnection projects in which Red Eléctrica is involved, it is necessary to increase the coordination efforts between interconnected countries.”

About Coreso:
As a Regional Security Coordination (RSC), Coreso assists High Voltage transmission system operators (TSO) to ensure security of supply in Europe. Accordingly, Coreso collaborates with the TSOs and other RSCIs and develops and performs operational planning activities involving the analysis and coordination of the European regional electricity grid, focussing on coordination services ranging from several days ahead until close to real time. Its shareholders are the HV transmission system operators Elia (Belgium), RTE (France), National Grid (UK), Terna (Italy), 50Hertz (Germany) and REN (Portugal).

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About REE:
Red Eléctrica de España is the company responsible for the transmission of electrical energy and proper functioning of the electricity system. With over 43,000 kilometres of high voltage electricity lines, which form a meshed, robust and reliable grid that offers the highest level of service quality indices, it guarantees the continuity and security of electricity supply at all times while maintaining the balance between generation and consumption, and is also responsible for managing the development of the transmission grid. The Company carries out these functions under the principles of neutrality, transparency, independence and economic efficiency in order to contribute to providing a quality, efficient and sustainable electricity service.


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