SNS REAAL NV announced change in its supervisory board

Utrecht, the Netherlands, 24-10-2013 — /EuropaWire/ — Piero Overmars, Jaap Lagerweij, Robert Jan van de Kraats and Herna Verhagen will resign from the Supervisory Board of SNS REAAL NV (the Supervisory Board) per 1 November 2013. At the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders it was decided to reduce the number of Supervisory Board members per this date to seven members. With effect from 1 November 2013, Jan Nooitgedagt, Jan van Rutte and Monika Milz will be appointed as Supervisory Board members to the ensuing three remaining vacancies on the Supervisory Board. Mr Nooitgedagt has also been appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The new members will also be appointed to the Supervisory Board of SNS Bank NV, SRLEV NV and REAAL NV. Mrs Milz has been appointed in accordance with the reinforced right of recommendation of the Central Works Council of SNS REAAL.

Gerard van Olphen, Chairman of the Executive Board, expressed his gratitude to the departing members of the Supervisory Board for their dedication and commitment to SNS REAAL over the years. “Piero Overmars, Robert Jan van de Kraats, Jaap Lagerweij and Herna Verhagen have, in tumultuous times, performed their supervisory duties and advised the Executive Board on steps to be taken towards the future. I truly appreciate their efforts to meet their responsibilities after the nationalisation to ensure the Supervisory Board’s continuation and to advise and assist the new Executive Board. The newly appointed members, Jan Nooitgedagt, Jan van Rutte and Monika Milz are worthy successors, bringing both knowhow and experience, both of which are important to SNS REAAL in the next phase”, says Van Olphen.

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