Skolkovo Innovation Center to present 10 robotics startups at Bett show at ExCeL London on 25-28 January 2017

TRIK edutainment robotics set for schools

MOSCOW, 25-Jan-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — Skolkovo Innovation Center will present 10 robotics startups at Bett show, which will take place at ExCeL London on 25-28 January 2017.  With a history of over 30 years Bett aims to deliver the vast knowledge and experience in education with humour and fun engaging the global educators’ community and learners. Over 35,000 participants, including teachers, technology leaders, integrators and education authorities are expected to attend the show in 2017.

Albert Efimov, Head of Skolkovo Robotics Center: “Russian education system, according to Bloomberg, has world’s third rank, right after South Korea and Singapore. The secret behind this is very strong STEM lineage and interest of kids and parents in modern technologies. Skolkovo brings its edtech startups to Bett show so that the visitors can appreciate tools and methods the Russians use to teach kids robotics, collaborative research and artificial intelligence. Our startups will share their knowledge and experience for better education and better life everywhere in the world.”

Bett attracts visitors from 138 countries, which creates a great opportunity to find partners, who can benefit from the products offered by the Skolkovo’s startups. The Skolkovo team expects to meet potential partners that can help the companies get access to the international market; clients, integrators and universities.

Top 13 Russian edtech companies will showcase their technologies at the Skolkovo booth G320.

GlobalLab GlobalLab is an Internet platform that facilitates collaborative student’s research using crowdsourcing. GlobalLab puts the most crucial technological and organizational tools directly in the hands of teachers to help manage student participation in collaborative projects. It already in wide use in over hundreds of schools subscribed to the service.

Annual subscription for a school starts from £3.38 per user

Examus Examus provides the next generation proctoring solution enhancing the quality of education through high standards of examination with the use of advanced IT technology. Examus effectively mixes human resources and advanced machine learning algorithms, allowing for a full range of services – from a fast scalable fully automatic proctoring to individual human surveillance.

Starting price: $10 per exam

SKART SKART is a comprehensive solution for the efficient storage and distribution of the advanced educational practices in the field of robotics modeling, programming, information and communication technologies based on distributed sensor networks and Internet of Things.
Price: 200-300 EUR
EV Toolbox EligoVision (EV) Toolbox is an Augmented Reality toolkit that creates live AR projects. It can be used for enhanced learning experience for all STEM school disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, math etc. turning them into interactive magic! It has user friendly interface.

Price: 300 – 5 000 USD

NanoPix NanoPix is an exceptionally simple but useful learning tool for cyber physical system design. Children, students or parents make intelligent copter in a matter of minutes – no specific tools required. NanoPix connects wirelessly with Android or IOS smartphone so one can immediately test fly it. This kit is very affordable so educators can supply whole class with it

Price: 55 USD

Micro Underwater Robot Edu Micro Underwater Robot will enable any robotics student aged 10+ to design and assemble her own underwater autonomous vehicles. Fitting pool or even bathtub. MUR Integrated Development software solution allows students and educators to assign robot many types of interesting autonomous missions.  MUR features integrated motion sensor data and video data from onboard cameras with aid of depth sensor. Optional acoustics/lasers distance meter sensors make ours complex as a real subsea exploration vehicle.

Price: 2000 USD

ROBBO ROBBO™ is a robust but versatile educational robotics kit for perfecting STEM competences by creating amazing intelligent thing. ROBBO includes Robot kit and Lab. Former is designed for students and latter is designed for educators. Both works in combination to create comfortable environment for learning programming skills with children friendly SCRATCH language.  ROBBO based class can be rolled out immediately. Student and educators can use huge variety of sample projects and libraries to create their own exiting and intelligent think.

Price: 370 USD (Robbo.Kit – 240 USD, Robbo.Lab – 130 USD)

TRIK TRIK is technology platform for robotics prototyping and edutainment, our product combines rich functionality reliability with affordability and ease of use. Starter kit TRIK Edu suits for K12 STEM education being foundation for learning cyber physical skills and competences.

TRIK professional allows designing many types of autonomous systems including cars and drones. It brings professional grade machine intelligence like computer vision to students, researchers, and entrepreneurs at a price of 500-1500 USD.

Robotikum – Butterfly Robot The Butterfly Robot is an educational robotic platform that helps to teach robotics from intermediate to advanced topics. The focus is on developing high-precise algorithms for robots to manipulate the objects better than a human does. The robotic platform is provided with the training course.

Price: 25,000 USD

reSET (Skoltech Eurobot Team) The autonomous robot built for the Eurobot 2016 competition. Robot’s goal was to autonomously collect and manipulate different objects on the playing field. The robot uses Lidar to localize itself on the playing field. Additional infrared and ultrasonic proximity sensors are used for obstacle detection
CLEVER drone kit CLEVER is an educational programmable drone kit for schools and colleges. It consists of a drone kit, software and schoolbook. The course based on CLEVER allows to improve skills in physics, microelectronics, engineering, robotics, drone operation, FPV-racing, Arduino programming, sensors, machine vision.

Starting price: 500 USD

AnyWalker AnyWalker is an ultra-mobile chassis for service robots with dynamic stabilization system which solves the problem of movement in human-adapted not pre-prepared environment. Robot can overcome obstacles up to 1 meter high. The robot can be used both in service and personal robotics, as well as an educational platform for teaching mechanics, programming, cybernetics and theory of management of various systems, processes and objects.

Price: 35,000 USD

Promobot Promobot is Russia’s leading manufacturer of welcome robots for high-traffic visited places. Promobot Robots help people find places, answer clients questions, broadcast promotional materials, increase sales and collect information, assisting in navigation. Promobot conducts research in the field of robotic mechatronics, facial recognition and the human voice.


About the Skolkovo Foundation
The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in September 2010 by the Russian government with the objective of accelerating Russia’s transformation from a resource-intensive to an innovation-based economy. To achieve this objective, the Foundation is overseeing the creation of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, composed of more than 1,500 high-tech startups, Skolkovo Technopark, the Skolkovo Institute of Technology (Skoltech) – a new graduate research University established in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – and Skolkovo city, located near Moscow. Together, these entities establish a vibrant ecosystem of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. The cumulative revenue of Skolkovo’s startups through June 2016 reached $1,6 billion. They brought in more than $350 million in investment, creating 21,800 jobs and filing over 1,900 patent applications along the way. By 2020 over 2 million square meters of residential and office space will be built in Skolkovo with 35,000 people working daily in the Innovation Center. For more information:

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