Skateboarding exhibition at CASA SEAT in Barcelona starting from 13 January, 2022

The showcase “Fusta i Rodes: skate exhibition” will be inaugurated on 13 January

  • The showcase “Fusta i Rodes: skate exhibition” will be inaugurated on 13 January featuring a collection of unique pieces and will be complemented with activities of different disciplines related to skateboard culture
  • Chris Thomas of Assembly Ventures, the first international speaker in 2022, will give an exclusive talk on investment in mobility
  • Illustrator Carla Berrocal will inaugurate next year’s series of Literary Cafés with the presentation of her new comic; while pianist Marco Mezquida will offer an intimate recital for those who would like to get to know him up close

(PRESS RELEASE) BARCELONA, 21-Dec-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — CASA SEAT, the place in Barcelona where mobility and culture meet, has announced an exhibition dedicated to skateboarding that will start from 13 January, 2022 at its location in Paseo de Gracia 109, Barcelona. Called “Fusta i Rodes: skate exhibition” its focus is on the combination of art and mobility and looks into the history of skateboarding, which will be the highlight of the agenda for the first few months of the next year.

Skateboarding, an activity that has created its own lifestyle

From 13 January, the CASA SEAT spaces are going to feature an exhibition dedicated to the history of skateboarding. Directed by Soren Manzoni, founder of the first skateboard museum in Spain and with one of the most impressive collections in Europe, the exhibition will be a historical journey since the first skateboards were introduced in the 1940s.

In addition to discovering unique pieces, there will also be interactive themed stations with displays such as the board used in the filming of the movie Back to the Future or the Olympic costume worn by Danny León in Tokyo 2020, among many other initiatives.

During the exhibition period, a series of parallel activities will be programmed around the lifestyle of skateboarding. There will be events related to fashion and sport to round off an agenda aimed at a wide range of audiences.

Different visions of mobility

Chris Thomas, co-founder and partner at Assembly Ventures, will be the international speaker of the month. On 13 January he’s giving a talk on the projects that venture capitalists focus on when deciding to invest in mobility. This will be an opportunity to delve into the economics of this sector.

And that same week, a new event is taking place of the cycle Inside the brands: SEAT:CODE, Software Development Centre. On this occasion, there will be a discussion on how SEAT S.A. entered the software development sector as a formula for providing mobility solutions. Taking part will be Carlos Buenosvinos, director of this division, who will explain how the incorporation of apps and automation are changing the role of vehicles in our daily lives and the implications this entails.

Chris Thomas, from Assembly Ventures, will present the keys of the mobility funds

Other activities in the month’s agenda include literature and music

On the 12th, the journalist Miquel Molina will present “Barcelona Project”, a reflection on the management model of the city and where he suggests the need for a combination of culture, design, technology, science and urban planning as a means of revitalising it, without losing sight of innovation.

The first Literary Café of 2022 will be dedicated to the illustrator Carla Berrocal in a meeting led by the writer and critic Jorge Carrión, where they will discuss her latest work: “Doña Concha: la rosa y la espina”, a comic that deals with the career of this Valencian artist and pays tribute to the musical genre that made her world famous: the copla. This literary event will take place on 20 January.

On January 20, Carla Berrocal will be the guest author of the Literary Cafés

The month’s musical offerings by two great pianists

On 21 January visitors will have the opportunity to attend an intimate recital with Marco Mezquida. Accompanied by CASA SEAT director Gabriele Palma, it will consist of a discussion and a performance that will enable the public to get to know one of the most promising pianists on the current scene.

Meanwhile, there will be a concert on the 29th by Joventuts musicals featuring the pianist Eudald Buch.

Marco Mezquida will offer an intimate concert on 21 January

The auditorium on the lower ground floor as a space for reflection

On 19 January, the conference “Art and Mobility” will be given by the writer Ernesto Mallo and the art historian Cristina Manresa. They will discuss how mobility and vehicles have influenced various representative works of literature, painting and film. Topics such as the human need for mobility and car culture will be discussed, linking them to films such as Thelma & Louise and Back to the Future.

The afternoon of the 22nd will be dedicated to the TEDxBCN talks, which will focus on sustainable projects in a wide range of fields. With the presence of expert speakers, new visions of tourism, fashion, housing or the application of possible substitutes for hydrocarbons in the production of plastics will be discussed.

Finally, the Merry Days Christmas programme will remain open until 7 January, with free admission and prior booking on the website

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