SISLEY YOUNG Spring/Summer 2012

28-12-2012 — / — SISLEY YOUNG Spring/Summer 2012

Girl’s collection

FLOWER SEASON – When do flowers bloom if not in spring? Scattered flowers, giant bouquets, posies on white or coloured backgrounds for third-generation neo-hippies. Long dresses and blouses worn with a lace waistcoat characterise this theme. Quickly followed by a romantic selection of ultra-flowery light chambray dresses. The hippy world is not just about flowers, but “peace and love” graphics/graffiti, too. Dusty tones with various shades of red to light up the theme.

EASY ROCK – Rock, the true essence of the brand’s lifestyle, bursts in with an explosion of aggressive black to which shiny sequins and light chiffon lend a softer look. The neutral palette that inspires sleeveless and single-sleeved dresses is highlighted by pink and fluro yellow details and accessories and mixes with denim and jersey articles whose vintage air is the fruit of special washes.

BEACH CHIC – The looks for this theme speak pure West Coast American with its mood made of contrasts: tender florals of tiered skirts and blouses at variance with basic fitness styles; chic checks and polka-dots on shorts in opposition to watercolour-like graphics on T-shirts and tops. Dark blue and white form the basic palette plus deep colours: red, apple green, pale blue, plum.

Boy’s collection

VINTAGE LIFESTYLE – A theme dominated by washed, distressed denim; loose, dusty jersey; and a passion for old flags, a distinctive decorative motif. Over everything – generally military green, air force blue, grey, beige and red – a leather jacket softened by time and wear.

COOL GUYS – London is just around the corner and inspires the sophisticated boy’s urban style. Denim chinos, striped or check shirts, tartan Bermuda shorts, and T-shirts with graffiti-writer motifs characterise this theme. Basic colours with digressions into grey.

CALIFORNIA BEACH – A colourful, summery theme with a Californian feel. Bermuda shorts and floral shirts look awesome on the beach. And when the wind rises, soft fleece tops, T-shirts and colourful shirts keep the chill off together with long or short trousers in neutral shades. Lots of bright colours light up this sunny theme.


SISLEY YOUNG Spring/Summer 2012

SISLEY YOUNG Spring/Summer 2012


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