SimHelp started partnership with COMPRO

9-11-2012 — / — Baltic Aviation Academy’s full flight simulators’ maintenance and repair services branch Simhelp has signed a partnership contract with COMPRO. According to the contract, COMPRO will be responsible for servicing FFS Host Computers. Services include: repair and maintenance of SEL/Encore/Gould type computers, renewal services of IOS (Instructor Operating System) and LCRS (Legacy Computer Replacement System).

“We are successfully widening our partner pool by adding COMPRO to it. COMPRO is for sure one of the most important partners, being most advanced in SEL/Encore/Gould computers. The current partnership will ensure the highest proficiency in all products and services related to SimHelp clients’ FFS Host Computers. Once again SimHelp takes actions to establishing time and money saving service for the clients”, stated Gediminas Talacka, SimHelp Manager.

“SimHelp’s network will certainly provide us with the market penetration needed to reach our full sales potential.  COMPRO has considered many distribution partners and we are confident that SimHelp’s global one-stop marketplace for aerospace users will help us leverage our position in the simulation market. This relationship allows SimHelp to offer customers our full product line and solutions that include Systems Integration, Host Updates, Change Management, Simulation Process Design, Migration, and End User Training”, said Kevin Beck, Vice President at Compro Products Group.

Launched in June 2012, SimHelp brand is aimed to provide “one-stop-shop” simulators repair and maintenance services by connecting simulators industry experts. The company currently connects 120 engineers team throughout the world.


SimHelp started partnership with COMPRO

SimHelp started partnership with COMPRO


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