Shop Direct to use SAS Contextual Analysis to deepen its real-time insight into customer buying behaviour

SAS helps online retailer make sure customers keep coming back for more

Marlow, UK, 02-Apr-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — Shop Direct, the UK’s second biggest online pure-play retailer, has extended its relationship with SAS to further improve customer engagement and strengthen loyalty. Shop Direct has evolved from a traditional catalogue business to become one of the UK’s leading digital retailers, selling everything from the latest fashion to electrical appliances. It’s commitment to providing the public with the products and shopping experience they love has seen the retailer achieve annual sales of nearly £1.9bn.

As part of its plans to transform the customer experience with highly-personalised offers and recommendations, Shop Direct is using SAS Contextual Analysis to deepen its real-time insight into customer buying behaviour. Armed with this understanding, Shop Direct can identify where it can strengthen its relationships to keep customers returning to the brand.

Shop Direct is using SAS to analyse customer’s verbatim feedback and understand its Net Promoter Score to spot areas for improvement in its business. Additionally, the company is taking advantage of SAS analytics to reduce churn. It has built a series of models to detect when customer behaviour changes and uses these insights to take targeted action that strengthens the relationship and entices customers back. It is also applying the technology to analyse credit risk in the financial services side of its business.

“If customers choose to share their data with us, they expect us to use it to personalise their experience,” explained Neil Chandler, CEO of Financial Services at Shop Direct. “It’s not just about showing relevant products and promotions to our customers – we want to make sure they arrive at the right time and via the right channel. Some customers like to shop on their tablets, some respond best to in-app messages, whereas others prefer emails. SAS provides a strong modelling environment for us to test and learn how customers respond to the personalised experience we offer them, helping us on our journey of continuous improvement.”

Shop Direct has already deployed SAS technology to provide powerful predictive modelling and data visualisation capabilities. These tools enable Shop Direct to provide those opting in to data collection with personalised experiences and recommendations, delivered in the way that each customer prefers. The solutions enable Shop Direct to gather, store, and comb through massive quantities of granular data within very short timescales.

“We are delighted that Shop Direct has continued to invest in SAS,” said Charles Senabulya, VP & Country Manager, SAS UK & Ireland. “In the fast-paced retail market where the modern consumer is demanding an ever more personalised experience, it’s vital for retailers to be able to use data to make decisions about the ‘next best action’ for each individual customer.”

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