SGS: Consumers in German markets tend to purchase GS ‘Geprüfte Sicherheit’ (tested safety) certified products more than those without it

GENEVA, 15-10-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — GS ‘Geprüfte Sicherheit’ (tested safety) is a voluntary safety certification mark widely used in Germany and German speaking countries. It complies with German Safety Law and the EU unified standard.

The GS safety mark is highly recognized by consumers in the German markets and they tend to purchase GS certified products more than those without it. This transforms the GS mark into an excellent market entry advantage for retail businesses. As it is a voluntary mark, GS also provides manufacturers and retailers with a significant marketing advantage in the German market and throughout the EU. In addition, the GS mark exceeds the requirements of mandatory CE marking.

The GS mark attached to a consumer product demonstrates that a representative number of product samples have been evaluated, tested and approved as safe on the basis of Germany’s Product Safety Act. In practice, this is more stringent than the corresponding EN standard.


The GS mark signifies that a product has had its safety tested by a third party accredited testing institute and that continuous production control is being maintained. GS bodies are authorized by the German relevant authority (ZLS) to grant the legally protected GS mark.

The GS scheme requires initial inspection at the manufacturing site before certification. Depending on the standards and directives applicable to a product, surveillance inspections of the production line must be carried out at least once a year to maintain the validity of certification. GS certification covers all relevant GS Scheme requirements, such as those for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) according to German legislation.

GS Certification is valid for five years.

The GS Marking Process includes the following steps:

  1. Product testing
  2. Factory inspection
  3. Certification
  4. Surveillance inspection


SGS Fimko is a Certification Body for the GS certification scheme. With the help of SGS’s global network you can apply for the GS mark for your product, regardless of your manufacturing location. With a presence in nearly every single region around the globe, our experts speak the local language, understand the culture of the local market and operate globally in a consistent, reliable and cost effective manner.

SGS’s expertise in compliance management will help you make the right decisions when entering the German market. Through its global network of testing laboratories, SGS can carry out the necessary testing and certification quickly and professionally.


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