SGS: 2749 industry standards abolished in China

SGS: 2749 industry standards abolished in China

GENEVA, 10-Jul-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — According to the No. 23 Announcement issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China on June 2, 2017, 2749 industry standards were abolished, including certain industry standards regarding softlines. The abolishment has been effective since the issue date of the announcement. These abolished standards should no longer be used. The abolished standards either have corresponding national standards or had overlapping scopes with other industry or national standards.

FZ/T 81003-2003 Children clothing and students wear* is an important product standard for children apparel and students wear, which has been used as a product standard and implemented by some manufacturers. After this standard was abolished, products labelled using this standard need to replace the product standard with an appropriate applicable one. Such examples of possible applicable standards are FZ/T 73045-2013 Knitted children’s wear, GB/T 31900-2015 Woven children’s clothing, etc. The implementation standard on the label will need to be adjusted.

FZ/T 01053-2007 Identification of fiber content was implemented on Nov 1, 2007. Many product standards published after Nov 1, 2007 cite this standard for fiber content requirements. After this standard is abolished, manufacturers are suggested to apply GB/T 29862-2013 Textiles-Identification of fiber content for the identification of fiber content.

Some of the abolished standards which were important to softlines are listed in the following table. These standards can be divided into five categories based on applicability, including final product, raw material product, accessory product, method, and identification.

FZ/T 64010-2000 Far infrared radiated textiles Final product
FZ/T 81003-2003 Children clothing and students wear* Final product
QB/T 1470-1992 Export leather shoes, leather slippers and indoor leather sandals* Final product
QB/T 1943-1994 Hand-made, tufted wool latex backed carpet* Final product
FZ/T 81002-2002 Washed feather and down Raw material product
QB/T 1189-1991 Washed down* Raw material product
QB/T 1191-1991 Down* Raw material product
FZ/T 14015-2009 Printed or dyed soybean protein fabrics Raw material product
FZ/T 12043-2013 Regenerated polyester and cotton blended colour yarn Raw material product
FZ/T 42008-2005 Bamboo-spun silk yarn Raw material product
FZ/T 52001-1991 Polyvinyl chloride staple fibre* Raw material product
FZ/T 52009-2007 Polynosic stape fibres Raw material product
FZ/T 53001-1993 Vinylon draft cutting yarn* Raw material product
FZ/T 54017-2009 Poly-m-phenylene isophthalamide staple fiber Raw material product
FZ/T 55001-2012 Polyamide 6 dipped tyre cord fabric Raw material product
FZ/T 64004-1993 Light weight bonded nonwoven* Raw material product
FZ/T 64009-2009 Fusible interlining of non-woven fabrics Raw material product
FZ/T 64014-2009 Coated fabrics for membrane structures Raw material product
HG/T 2291-1992 Waterproof rubber coated fabric* Raw material product
QB/T 2171-2001 Metal zipper Accessory product
QB/T 2172-2001 Derlin zipper (injection molded) Accessory product
QB/T 2173-2001 Nylon zipper Accessory product
FZ/T 80001-2002 Testing method for washed feather and down Method
QB/T 1190-1991 Testing method for washed down* Method
QB/T 1192-1991 Testing method for down* Method
FZ/T 01023-1993 Instrument rating method for staining degree of lining fabric* Method
FZ/T 01024-1993 Instrument rating method for color change degree of specimens* Method
FZ/T 01102-2009 Textiles-Soybean protein composite fiber mixtures-Quantitative chemical analysis Method
FZ/T 01075-2010 Inspection method for surface detects on garment interlinings Method
FZ/T 10002-2001 Method of rank score for yarn-dyed denim surface defects Method
FZ/T 50009.1-1998 Testing method for linear density of three-dimensional crimp polyester drawn yarns-Measurement method of filament length* Method
FZ/T 50009.2-1998 Testing method for average length of three-dimensional crimp polyester drawn yarns-Measurement method of filament length* Method
FZ/T 01053-2007 Textiles-Identification of fiber content Identification
FZ/T 01074-2010 Identification of interlinings for garments Identification
QB/T 4182-2011 Ornament-Marking Identification

Remark: *The English names of the standards are without official version.

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