Selex ES’s Eurotech Aurora Tigon supercomputer ranked second in Green500 top list

15-7-2013 — / — Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has secured second place in the Green500 list thanks to its use of the Eurotech Aurora Tigon supercomputer. The supercomputer is used by Selex ES to accelerate the execution algorithms and complex programs that analyse huge amounts of data in real time to ensure the information security of Institutions and Critical National Infrastructure.

The Green500 list evaluates and ranks supercomputers’ energy efficiency, with the ranking highlighting which computers make better use of energy. The evaluation process involves comparing a computer’s performance to kilowatts of power used, meaning that supercomputers, which use the same quantity of energy while providing a higher performance, are considered the most efficient.

The use of the Aurora Tigon system, with a speed of 3180 MFlop / s per Watt (FLOPS – short for floating-point operations per second) when compared with a traditional system, makes it possible to save space in the data centre, occupying one fifth of the normal space thanks to its very high density.

In addition, the energy and space savings delivered by the Aurora Eurotech systems can reduce the total cost of ownership by between 30 and 50%. The system is cooled by “hot water” through the passage of liquid directly over the board components containing the multi-core processors. Unlike air-cooled supercomputers, direct liquid cooled ones such as Aurora allow computational centres to almost completely eliminate air conditioning, allowing significant energy savings.

At a “green” level, if compared with an air-cooled system of similar computational power, the Selex ES Aurora system produces substantially lower CO2 emissions per cabinet during its life cycle. In addition, the hot water output can be used for environmental heating such as for an absorption chiller or in industrial processes.

The Aurora Tigon is the commercial (COTS) version of, and built upon an architecture very similar to the Eurora computer belonging to Cineca, which scored the first place in the same list.



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