Selex ES to demonstrate low-cost Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) system implementation for the British Army at DVD 2013

25-6-2013 — / — Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, will be demonstrating its low-cost Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) system implementation in the form of a conversion solution for the British Army’s Protected Mobility (PM) fleet of vehicles at DVD 2013. The innovative Selex ES GVA system approach enables a platform’s mission system to be compatible with the UK Ministry of Defence’s GVA standard at a low cost.

Conversion of the British Army’s PM fleet to GVA compliance will confer a number of operational and cost of ownership benefits to the British Army. These include reduced training costs, derived from standardisation of the Human Machine Interface (HMI), and reduced support costs arising from enhanced equipment coherence. It also provides the ability to easily scale the platform’s capability, allowing it to be adapted through-life to meet contingent operational needs.

Selex ES will be demonstrating the low-cost GVA conversion solution on a Cougar platform, which guests will be able to visit and interact with on stand SP11. The solution replaces the existing crew displays with more compact, high-performance GVA HMI compliant displays and adapts the existing sensor suite to exploit the benefits of the GVA digital video standards. The innovative and modular software based approach implemented by Selex ES has also enabled a greater level of functionality to be embedded in the system compared with that which is currently fielded.

“Implementation of a GVA compliant mission system solution for new platforms and conversion of existing mission equipment fits does not need to be expensive, but it requires a breath of systems capability and depth of technical expertise in order to implement cost-effectively.” said Ray Hopkins, VP Capability for Land and Naval Systems at Selex ES, adding; “Our existing equipment footprint and experience in providing integrated operational support solutions, combined with our GVA systems integration expertise and platform independence, ensures that Selex ES can make a significant contribution towards the British Army’s future plans for integration of its PM fleet into its overall equipment capability”.

Selex ES supplies mission equipment packages into more than half of the British Army’s heavy PM fleet which include the driver’s vision system, local situational awareness system, crew multi-function displays, self-defence weapon systems and survivability equipment. The GVA system implementation approach developed by Selex ES is suited to a broad range of operational requirements and is equally applicable to both upgrade and new vehicle acquisition programmes.



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