Selex ES, Airbus partner on patented Avionics Full DupleX switched ethernet network communication system

25-6-2013 — / — Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has partnered with Airbus on a patented Avionics Full DupleX (AFDX®) switched ethernet network communication system, a backbone standard in the avionics communication technology.

Selex ES has licensed AFDX® for the company’s use in aircraft and mission management systems. This provides the Selex ES AFDX® customers with full assurance that any licensed patents relating to the Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet network communication system AFDX® are authorised and fully compliant with the registered standard.

Additionally, it marks the latest agreement arranged through the EADS Technology Licensing initiative in the EADS patent compliant outreach to AFDX® users, which opens the way for other end-system manufacturers to join the AFDX® official partner community, while also expanding the standard’s use to the helicopter market.

AFDX® was initially developed by Airbus for its fly-by-wire A380 jetliner, and it is now being adopted for a growing number of aviation-related applications that range from airborne systems and network integration to deployment tool suites and test systems.

The Selex ES Aircraft and Mission Management System that employs AFDX® provides functions that include the management of navigation and flight systems, data control and equipment management, along with Health and Usage Monitoring and Maintenance (HUMS) functionality.



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