Schwarzkopf Professional introduced the first professional Smoothing Infusion System – Supreme Keratin

Supreme Keratin – Welcome to the Beauty Hub!

Hamburg, Germany, 04-10-2013 — /EuropaWire/ — The times of frizzy, rebellious hair being difficult to tame are over! So are bad hair days as well as women’s frustration about repetitive boring hairdos because of their unmanageable hair. Discover Supreme Keratin, Schwarzkopf Professional’s first Smoothing Infusion System which smoothes the hair and transforms it long-lastingly into glamorous perfection. It provides the solution for beauty aficionadas, who have always dreamt of luxuriously smooth and shiny hair – and effortless styling. Frizzy hair, undesired curls or unruly waves are turned into beautifully soft, manageable, smooth and shiny hair, which is much easier and faster to style every day. Complemented by an innovative home regime, Supreme Keratin provides glamorous, long-lasting results for up to twelve weeks, which are even intensified with repetitive use. Supreme Keratin is available from September 2013 in Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons.

The beauty hub at your salon of trust

Hairstylists are familiar with the daily challenges women face when styling their hair. 89% of women claim to have hair problems with frizz, damage, wave, curls or thick, hard to manage hair*. They struggle with bad hair days or the same, boring look because the hair is difficult to style. All of these women have one common desire: glamorous, beautiful hair.

In September 2013 this dream will finally become true: with Supreme Keratin, women will experience smooth, glamorous perfection at their salon of trust. It works on all hair types: frizzy, thin hair gains bounce and shine, unruly curls are disciplined into beautiful waves, thick, coarse hair is reduced in volume and regains shine. Supreme Keratin is an affordable in-salon service for long-lasting glamorous hair. It helps women reduce their styling time day by day and increase their versatility to style their hair differently.

Setting themselves apart from competition while boosting their OTC business, hairdressers can now turn their salon into a radiant beauty hub! Enlarging their target group even to cut-only clients, salons can now offer a brand new service. And that’s not all: to extend the results of this fantastic service, Schwarzkopf Professional offers a tailor-made home care regime.

A smooth boost for every hair

Supreme Keratin is a completely different service than traditional straightening – a costly service to permanently make your hair poker straight. On the opposite: after the supreme service, clients can choose to go smooth, wavy or curly; there are no limits to the style the client can ask for. And the best thing about Supreme Keratin: it is suitable for all types of hair – virgin as well as chemically treated hair. The hair can even be coloured immediately after the treatment! Lesley Lawson, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador: “Supreme Keratin has totally convinced me, being an innovative, unique hair smoothing system for beautiful, frizz-free, repaired hair day after day. With this treatment hairdressers can offer their clients a very luxurious service and give women what they all desire: beautiful healthy-looking hair. And what Supreme Keratin delivers is really stunning. The best thing about achieving such brilliant results is that by providing a beautiful smoothing treatment you gain a woman’s trust and then you’ve got her loyalty – this is what hairdressing is about.”

All salons offering the new service will be provided with comprehensive trainings. Coevally, hairdressers will learn how to integrate this new beauty service in their salon routine.

Our supreme technology

The formula, which has no malodour, is exceptionally safe and pleasant to use:

  • 1st step: the Deep Clarifying Shampoo cleanses the hair and removes residues. A pH value of 7.5 lifts the cuticle, perfectly preparing the hair for the subsequent treatment.
  • 2nd step: The Instant Keratin Infusion rebuilds the hair deep from within and on the surface; the formula with heat-activated Vitamin C and Sodium Sulphate tame and reshape the hair. Hydrolysed keratin merges with the natural hair keratin to create a replenishing healthy-looking fibre.
  • 3rd step: After the treatment, the Smooth Extending Shampoo removes any unnecessary Keratin Infusion coating and rebalances the pH of the hair.
  • 4th step: The Conditioning Gloss Mask with Hydro-Keratin Complex seals the cuticle for a long-lasting smoothing effect which lasts for up to twelve weeks.

The end result: glamorous hair which tamed, manageable and beautifully strong, smooth and shiny. After several applications of the treatment Supreme Keratin even delivers an instant improvement of the hair quality. To enhance long-lasting results up to twelve weeks, the 4-Step In-Salon Treatment is supplemented by a 3-Step home regime range. To allow clients to achieve maximum results at home, the range includes three products for great after-treatment care:

  • Smooth Extending Shampoo
  • Smooth Conditioning Gloss Mask
  • Boost Shine Drops with Argan Oil
    ensuring great anti-frizz protection and shine between salon visits

Beauty seekers are invited to discover an innovative hair treatment that tames the hair, providing it with glamorous smoothness, while results are even intensified with repetitive use. Supreme Keratin by Schwarzkopf Professional is available from September 2013, helping to turn your salon into a distinguished beauty hot spot!

Supreme Keratin Service:

  • Supreme Keratin Deep Clarifying Shampoo 500 ml
  • Supreme Keratin Instant Keratin Infusion 480 ml
  • Supreme Keratin Smooth Extending Shampoo 500 ml
  • Supreme Keratin Conditioning Gloss Mask 500 ml

Supreme Keratin Home Regime:

  • Supreme Keratin Smooth Extending Shampoo 300 ml
  • Supreme Keratin Smooth Conditioning Gloss Mask 250 ml
  • Supreme Keratin Boost Shine Drops 75 ml

Supreme Keratin is available from September 2013 in Schwarzkopf Professional Partner salons.

* BEAUTY CARE WOMEN 4G 2012 / J. YOUR HAIR (Online Quantitative – February 2013) & BEAUTY CARE WOMEN 4G 2012 /K. HAIR CARE (Online Quantitative – February 2013): (China, Russia, USA, Europe)

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Schwarzkopf Professional introduced the first professional Smoothing Infusion System - Supreme Keratin

Schwarzkopf Professional introduced the first professional Smoothing Infusion System – Supreme Keratin


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