Schneider Electric won Product Design Award for its portable solar LED lamp Mobiya at Strategies’ Design Award 2013

Paris, France, 16-10-2013 — /EuropaWire/ — At the occasion of the Strategies’ Design Awards event, Schneider Electric has received the award “Product Design” in the category Light Products for its portable solar LED lamp Mobiya TS 120.

This lamp has been developed within the Innovation pillar BipBop, whose objective is to develop and distribute solutions and sustainable business models for energy access for the specific needs of people at the base of the pyramid.

This new solar LED lamp enhances the existing range of Schneider Electric’s lighting products, and combines lighting and mobile phone charging via USB port, regardless of the place and time. Mobiya TS 120 has solar panels for charging. It is robust, and perfectly suited for people who do not have access to a clean, safe and sustainable energy.

The team of industrial design Schneider Electric has worked a lot on ergonomics, material optimization, adaptation to the environment (impact resistance, sealing) , the light scattering, as well as on the design, which gives it a unique and original look.
The result is a very practical product, adapted to the conditions of life of its targets (budget, product quality, operating conditions, etc.).

Thanks to its shape and ergonomic handle, it can be positioned in 7 ways, in order to adapt to the multiple situations of daily life: practical activities such as sewing, reading by placing it on a bottle, lighting a room, cooking, lighting a targeted area, marking a road and recharging a mobile.

Schneider Electric won Product Design Award for its portable solar LED lamp Mobiya at Strategies’ Design Award 2013
Element of differentiation, the lamp Mobiya TS 120 has been developed for people with fewer opportunities, who spend 20-40 % of their income for an unreliable and harmful energy to their health as well as to the environment.

This award reaffirms the acceleration made by the Group in 2012 for the development of new products and solutions meant to meet the demand of access to an affordable, reliable, and clean energy in the less developed country.

Total has partnered with Schneider Electric throughout the cycle of product development and markets a version of orange color in some African countries through the network of its many service stations.



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