Scania Shifts Focus to Complete Buses and Coaches, Ceases Body Production in Poland

Scania Shifts Focus to Complete Buses and Coaches, Ceases Body Production in Poland

(IN BRIEF) Scania, the leading provider of sustainable mobility solutions, is reshaping its bus and coach business to adapt to a changing market environment. The company will focus on offering complete buses and coaches, leveraging its modular system, extensive service network, and partnerships with bodybuilders. As a result, Scania will cease body production for bus chassis at its plant in Słupsk, Poland. The decision is driven by the slow recovery of the bus and coach market, increased competition, and the need for investments in new technologies. Scania will streamline its operations, maintain a lean structure, and continue manufacturing rear and front engine chassis while discontinuing certain models. The changes will enable Scania to provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions through increased cooperation with selected partners.

(PRESS RELEASE) SÖDERTÄLJE, 30-May-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Scania, a leading Swedish supplier of sustainable transport solutions and services, engines for industrial and marine applications, and power generation, has announced significant changes to its bus and coach business in order to deliver competitive and sustainable solutions while ensuring profitable growth in a changing market landscape. The new strategy entails a more focused product portfolio and roadmap, resulting in the decision to cease body production for Scania bus chassis at the Słupsk plant in Poland. However, Scania will continue to offer customers complete buses and coaches, capitalizing on its modular system, extensive service network, and strong global and local partnerships with bodybuilders.

The bus and coach market has faced significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and while there has been a gradual recovery, the market’s pace remains slow. Increased competition and upcoming legislation necessitating investments in new technologies further influenced Scania’s decision.

“We are convinced that the bus and coach business will continue to be an important part of Scania’s offering going forward, but we need an updated strategy that enables us to deliver on our customer promise and secures a profitable business globally,” says Stefano Fedel, Head of Sales & Marketing at Scania.

This updated strategy aligns with Scania’s commitment to being a trusted global partner for comprehensive solutions. Leveraging the strengths of its modular system, service network, and partnerships, Scania aims to deliver on its customer promise.

“By using Scania’s experience and wide range of powertrain options, we will provide our customers complete solutions including service, financing, charging solutions, and intelligent transport systems,” says Stefano Fedel.

To enhance its ability to meet market requirements and customer demands, Scania’s bus and coach business will undergo restructuring to create a leaner and more flexible structure, enabling improved speed and flexibility. The company will focus on its product portfolio and development, continuing to manufacture rear and front engine chassis with a wide range of powertrain options. However, production of the Scania Citywide, Scania Interlink, and Low floor-chassis models will be discontinued.

As part of these changes, Scania has made the decision to gradually close down the body production section at the Słupsk plant in Poland by the first quarter of 2024. It’s important to note that this decision will not impact chassis production in Słupsk or any other Scania entities in Poland.

Scania remains committed to providing complete and sustainable solutions and will enhance cooperation with selected bodybuilders and industry partners to achieve this goal. The company’s updated strategy aims to meet evolving market demands, offering customers a comprehensive and environmentally friendly mobility experience.

“The majority of Scania’s bus and coach business has always been in cooperation with bodybuilders where a high service level and a strong global presence has been achieved with local setups. This successful approach will be further developed, now in even closer collaboration with our bodybuilders and partners to offer our customers complete solutions,” says Stefano Fedel.

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