Sapa introduces new MPE aluminium alloys for HVAC&R micro-channel heat exchanger systems

Oslo, Norway, 20-3-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — Sapa is introducing the new 9153 and 9170 aluminium alloys for HVAC&R micro-channel heat exchanger systems. The alloys offer features and benefits that are unmatched in the field.

Most of all, the alloys provide high inherent corrosion resistance – among the best ever developed.

The 9153 and 9170 alloys showed more than 100% longer SWAAT ASTM G-85 A3 life time than the 3102 aluminium alloy, indicating significantly better resistance against corrosion. It should be noted, however, that there are still no accepted accelerated corrosion test specifications for the HVAC industry available. Consequently, SWAAT, which has been used in the automotive industry, is often utilized as a type of qualification test for HVAC applications.

The new alloys are offered bare, in a range of coil and cut-to-length sizes, or with options including zinc arc spray and pre-flux coatings.

Based on its many years of experience, Sapa strongly recommends zinc coating, which increases corrosion resistance to an even greater degree. The development in coatings for aluminium-based HVAC applications, similar to the development in alloys, has been active and led to new types of coatings which can further improve brazing quality and corrosion resistance.

At the same time, while recommending zinc coating of the new alloys, Sapa emphasizes that the choice of alloy material for both the fin and the headers – the manifold material – needs to be matched correctly to obtain the full advantages of the MPE alloy.

Quality MPEs
The micro-channel or multi-port extrusion (MPE) is a refined product that provides the heat exchanger:

  • Lower equipment energy consumption
  • Higher heat transfer performance
  • Less space and weight
  • High corrosion and pressure resistance
  • High recycling value
  • Pressure drop and silent solution
  • Substantial cost savings over copper with weight reduction of 40-50%

Micro MPE profiles, with their large internal surface area, yield more efficient heat transfer and are therefore ideal for use in highly effective heat exchangers.

Special HVAC range
Although the automotive industry has long preferred aluminium MPEs for its brazed heat exchanger solutions, in HVAC, the environmental conditions are different. As a result, Sapa has developed a range of products specifically for HVAC applications, such as condensers and evaporators. MPEs are available in various sizes, ensuring the best properties for the purpose required.

Sapa is the leader in the field of aluminium tubing for automotive and HVAC&R applications. With production and development activities across the world, Sapa’s Precision Tubing group offers customers the most advanced alloys and related technologies available in the market today.

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Sapa introduces new MPE aluminium alloys for HVAC&R micro-channel heat exchanger systems

Sapa introduces new MPE aluminium alloys for HVAC&R micro-channel heat exchanger systems


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