Salini Impregilo CEO Pietro Salini: We are currently Italian and will remain so

MILAN, 26-May-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — “We are currently Italian and will remain so”, CEO Pietro Salini said while at Italian TV show ‘Porta a Porta’ on May 24. He also explained how the market globalization phenomenon is growing and that many Italian companies are now located abroad. He stated that Salini Impregilo, on the contrary, is solidly rooted in Italy. The Group wishes to grow in Italy, but also through international acquisitions like Lane in the US.

“At the moment – Pietro Salini explained – we are Italian because our management is Italian, because our company is owned by Italians, even if 40% of the company, being a listed one, belongs to investors from all parts of the world”. Our internationalization is confirmed by the fact that the Stock Exchange demand from Italian investors reaches 2%, while 98% of the list is owned by international investors. As of today, we might not be aware that many companies are foreign due to the fact that they have been bought by a majority of foreign investors” explained Mr Salini.

Pietro Salini said dimensions for a company are very important to compete in a complex global market. “Most of these acquisitions are not merely financial. They are mainly industrial acquisitions. They belong to Groups with different dimensions abroad that decide to buy Italian companies. They are not private citizens who suddenly decide to buy a company, choosing to buy an Italian one. These are large Groups that do the same in all parts of the world. They buy markets. They buy quality. They buy Italian. This does not occur in Italy. Our country’s structure is based on small companies. We have been promoting this theory for many years now, saying that this was the positive aspect of our economy”.

“We are used to referring to our nation’s flag as a means through which we evaluate things. Our flag is obviously important as far as our country is concerned. The important thing here, though, is to consider that globalization and large groups reason differently, both in terms of how they hedge risks and in terms of dimensions”, said Mr Salini.

The Group continues to build colossal projects, both technically and for their positive socio-economic impact. In June, concluded Pietro Salini, speaking of the New Panama Canal inauguration “we are going to complete and display our flag on the largest engineering project ever to be built by Man.

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