Saku Brewery launches new beer in the series of Humulus and Barley

At the end of October a new beer from Saku Brewery, in the series of Humulus and Barley, arrives to the stores – American ale-type red beer.

Saku, Estonia, 23-10-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — The Humulus and Barley Ale is brewed with surface fermentation yeast and, compared to the other members of the same beer series, it has more Humulus in it and is more aromatic. „Two humulus-rich beers that were completed in spring – the Czech Pilsner and the Viennese lager-beer – have been well accepted by the enthusiasts. The development of beer-culture in Estonia has reached to the point where people seek for distinctive flavours and special beers for a change. Most of the market still is and probably always will be in pilsner-beers’ hands,“ said Tarmo Tappo, the head brewmaster of Saku Brewery.

The Humulus and Barley Ale’s strong Humulus taste (IBU = 50) comes from the Chinook bitter humulus and Cascade and Centennial aroma-humuluses give the light aroma to the Ale. The potency of the beer is 5% and it’s packaged into a comfortably small 0,33l glass bottle. Ale is unfiltered and may include the residue of humulus and yeast.

In the United States the spreading of humulus-rich beers began 15 years ago, Estonia has reached this direction in the recent years.


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