Sainsbury’s Pioneers AI Veterinary Technology to Enhance Dairy Cow Welfare

Sainsbury’s Pioneers AI Veterinary Technology to Enhance Dairy Cow Welfare

(IN BRIEF) Sainsbury’s has introduced advanced AI veterinary technology in partnership with Vet Vision AI to enhance dairy cow welfare on its farms. This innovative system uses cameras to monitor cow behavior continuously, providing real-time insights that help identify early signs of illness and improve overall animal well-being. The initiative aims to optimize cow comfort through suggestions like better housing and enrichment, potentially increasing milk production while supporting sustainable farming practices. Sainsbury’s plans to expand the technology beyond its initial trial phase, underscoring its commitment to British agriculture and animal health.

(PRESS RELEASE) LONDON, 2-Jul-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — In a groundbreaking move, Sainsbury’s has partnered with Vet Vision AI, a spinout from the University of Nottingham, to introduce cutting-edge AI veterinary technology aimed at revolutionizing dairy farm management. This innovative system, currently being trialled on 30 farms within Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group, employs low-cost cameras to monitor cow behavior around the clock. The AI analyzes this data in real-time, providing farmers with insights into animal welfare that go beyond traditional veterinary visits.

The technology not only detects early signs of illness but also identifies positive behaviors linked to cow happiness and health. By suggesting improvements such as enhanced housing conditions and interactive enrichment like cow brushes, the system aims to optimize comfort levels and reduce stress among dairy herds. This proactive approach not only improves animal well-being but also enhances farming efficiency, potentially increasing milk production and overall farm productivity.

Dr. Matt Turner, Vet and Agriculture Manager at Sainsbury’s, emphasized the benefits: “Investing in British farming and enhancing animal health and welfare are top priorities for us. This technology is already demonstrating tangible benefits for our dairy farmers, and we look forward to expanding its use across our wider network.”

The initiative underscores Sainsbury’s commitment to supporting British agriculture and fostering sustainable farming practices. For more information on Sainsbury’s initiatives, visit Sainsbury’s Sustainability.

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Sainsbury’s invests an additional £6 million annually in its dairy farmers, demonstrating long-term commitment to the industry.

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