SAF Tehnika announced it created the world’s smallest and lightest microwave spectrum analyzer

Riga, Latvia, 17-9-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — For over a decade SAF Tehnika has created and designed excellent microwave radios. Leveraging our 15 years of experience we created the world’s smallest and lightest microwave spectrum analyzer. Now it’s time to present our latest product for field engineers – the signal generator SG Compact!

World’s first pocket-sized Signal Generator

Our experience with Spectrum Compact has proven to help companies save money and make field engineers’ work easier. Growing demand and positive feedback from all over the world has led us to expand this product family with a new entry – the SG Compact.

This device is essential for antenna alignment and testing, line-of-sight verification and different microwave system analysis and measurement applications.

SG Compact has the same industry leading form-factor as Spectrum Compact. The device is about the size and weight of a cell-phone. SG Compact also has a resistive touchscreen allowing you to work with gloves on. The device operates within a frequency range of 6-18GHz, and we’re working on broadening the range.

SG Compact main applications

• Line of Sight (LoS) verification. An effective and easy solution for when it’s not clear whether the planned radios will have line of sight when installed. Use SG Compact to send an unmodulated signal in the chosen frequency to a Spectrum Compact unit at the remote site to verify line of sight with 100% accuracy!

• Antenna alignment prior to radio installation. Before installing radios, attach an SG Compact to one of the installed antennas, and a Spectrum Compact to the other to perform a quick and easy alignment.

• Waveguide verification. With SG Compact, you can verify that the waveguides are not defective before installing the link, something that required expensive laboratory equipment before.
• Antenna gain measurement. Attach an SG Compact to an antenna and place a Spectrum Compact a few feet away to measure the antenna gain.

SAF releases 2-8GHz Spectrum Compact
SAF Tehnika is proud to announce a new Spectrum Compact version for the 2-8GHz bands, expanding the previous SC range of 6-40GHz.

It will have the same form-factor and resistive touchscreen as well as an industry leading receiver sensitivity of -105 dBm, an intuitive graphical user interface and instant on/off functionality as previous Spectrum Copmact devices.

Spectrum Compact is an ultra-light and easy to use measurement solution for the 2 – 40 GHz licensed microwave frequency bands. This battery-powered device is a must-have tool for any microwave radio engineer performing equipment installation, link troubleshooting and site planning. The LCD touchscreen ensures smooth and intuitive onsite use, and the SMA connector allows the Spectrum Compact to integrate with any vendor’s antenna or waveguide system.

Designed specifically for comfortable outdoor use by microwave network engineers, Spectrum Compact can also be used for various applications in VSAT environment, ranging from signal monitoring to link troubleshooting and interference detection.

The Spectrum Compact can be used for high precision detection of existing interference on installed paths or available radio channels. Data logging of all spectrum scans is available with the Spectrum Compact device, and enhanced data processing and analysis are provided by SAF Tehnika designed PC software for your laptop.

For more information about SG Compact and Spectrum Comopact devices, please contact your local SAF sales manager!


SAF Tehnika announced it created the world’s smallest and lightest microwave spectrum analyzer

SAF Tehnika announced it created the world’s smallest and lightest microwave spectrum analyzer


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