RWE expands its supply activities in Eastern Europe with the opening of its office in Bucharest

  • Energy Group intensifies supply activities in Rumania
  • Terium: “Self-generated growth with calculable risk and capital investment”

Essen / Bucharest, 30-6-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — RWE is expanding its supply activities in Eastern Europe. In this connection it is opening an office in Bucharest as a base from which it will direct supply activities on the Romanian electricity market in future. The focus is on B2B transactions, in other words transactions with industrial and commercial customers. RWE has been active in Romania since 2011, working out of Hungary until now, and concentrating mainly in Romania’s north-west. It now has over 80 customers in this segment. The new base in Bucharest will enable it to extend these activities across the entire Romanian market. The company will be known as “RWE Energie Srl” and will form part of RWE East.

“Eastern Europe is a growth region, and the Romanian market offers plenty of opportunities,” says Peter Terium, CEO of RWE AG. “Its economy is growing, and demand for energy is growing with it.” Opening this office represents another stage in RWE’s supply strategy, which relies on self-generated organic growth: “We have come to know the local market very well. In Romania we are building on the experience that we have been gathering in the neighbouring countries for some time now. That keeps our risk at a manageable level, and all with a sensible amount of investment, which is what I call efficient,” continues Terium.

“With its liberalised electricity market, Romania offers a good environment for competition,” explains Marie-Theres Thiell, CEO of RWE East. “The country is also open to foreign investors.” Ten years from now, RWE Energie Srl should be one of the top ten suppliers on the Romanian electricity market. The unregulated business customer market currently has a total volume of 25 terawatt hours per year.

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