RWE Česká republika now offers transition to gas condensation boilers under the New Green Savings programme subsidies

  • RWE and Viessmann have prepared a special follow-up package of benefits for the participants of this programme
  • People can save almost half of the purchase and installation costs of a new gas condensation boiler

Prague, 16-8-2013 — /EuropaWire/ — The subsidies within the New Green Savings programme can be newly provided to the owners of family houses who are going to replace their non-ecological solid-fuel boilers with more efficient gas boilers. The new option involves the transition to gas condensation boilers. In this context, RWE decided to motivate the applicants by a special package of benefits comprising of attractive bonuses for new customers, an advantageous price of natural gas with a guarantee of a double price reduction and a 15% discount on the condensation boilers by Viessmann.

„It has never been so advantageous to switch to natural gas. We have prepared a special package of benefits as a superstructure to the New Green Savings programme in collaboration with the renowned German boiler manufacturer Viessmann. We want to motivate owners of service pipes who don’t use them to switch to ecological natural gas.

There are 300,000 of the so-called dead connections in the grid,” said Tomáš Varcop, CCO of the RWE Česká republika.

The New Green Savings programme is designated for those house owners who are replacing their boilers and provide thermal insulation at the same time. If adding a general thermal insulation to the house, the applicant can obtain a subsidy up to CZK 18,000 for a new boiler. But also those who are not dealing with thermal insulation can now apply for the subsidy for a new boiler. If asking for replacement of boilers in houses already insulated, they will receive a subsidy in the amount of CZK 15,000.

”Those interested in the subsidy for a new boiler can turn to any authorised dealer of the Viessmann boilers. Special heating companies are ready to provide advice to them and will help them fill in the application. This is an extraordinary opportunity to get a top cost saving boiler for very favourable price. As verified in practice, our condensation boilers will reduce the gas consumption by up to 30% compared to old gas boilers,” said Pavel Toman, chief sales representative of Viessmann in the CR.

”If we sum up the subsidy for a new boiler within the New Green Savings 2013 programme and the bonuses under the benefit package from RWE and Viessmann, the resulting discount can amount to nearly CZK 25,000. This corresponds to almost a half of the costs of the new boiler purchase and installation Besides this, we also have to add the advantageous prices of natural gas and the certainty that we guarantee further decrease in the prices for next two years,” said Varcop.

The advantage of natural gas dwells in producing minimal emissions when combusted. This is beneficial especially in highly polluted areas or for owners of houses situated in valley areas. After RWE reduced the price of natural gas by 10% and, at the same time, offered its customers the tariffs guaranteeing that the price of natural gas will not rise but it will, quite the opposite, decrease further, the demand for heating with gas has risen significantly.

Detailed information about the offer can be found on the Internet pages and, via info line or in the RWE’s customer centres.

Information about the New Green Savings 2013 programme is available on the official website Should there be any inquiries, use the free info line of the programme 800 260 500 or the e-mail address


Martin Chalupský
Spokesperson of RWE Česká republika
T 267 974 464, E

RWE is an international energy group that manages its business activities in the Czech Republic through RWE Česká republika. RWE supplies natural gas and electricity to 1.8 million end customers through regional companies that include RWE Energie, Jihomoravská plynárenská, Severomoravská plynárenská, and Východočeská plynárenská.


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