RWE and Smålandshamnar AB Join Forces to Boost Offshore Wind Logistics in Baltic Sea

RWE and Smålandshamnar AB Join Forces to Boost Offshore Wind Logistics in Baltic Sea

(IN BRIEF) RWE, a prominent offshore wind leader, and Smålandshamnar AB, operator of the Port of Oskarshamn, have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on logistics operations for future offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea. This partnership aims to assess the Port of Oskarshamn’s suitability as a hub for activities related to RWE’s upcoming offshore wind projects, fostering economic growth in Sweden’s local regions. By leveraging the port’s strategic location and expertise, the initiative seeks to maximize the potential of Sweden’s offshore wind industry while supporting broader industrial expansion in the country. RWE’s extensive experience in offshore wind, combined with the port’s capabilities, positions both entities to catalyze growth, infrastructure development, and job creation in the region.

(PRESS RELEASE) MALMÖ, 31-May-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — RWE, a global leader in offshore wind, and Smålandshamnar AB, which operates the Swedish Port of Oskarshamn, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The aim of this collaboration is to explore whether the port could be a suitable harbour for the logistics, installation, loading, operations and maintenance activities relating to RWE’s planned offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea. In a first step, the partners will map the requirements and necessary build-outs and investments to facilitate scaling-up the port’s capacity. An early implementation of port capacity will ensure that Sweden is well placed to maximise the potential of the offshore wind industry. This collaboration demonstrates a clear commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise, thus supporting broader industrial growth in Sweden. Furthermore, RWE is also partnering with the Port of Karlshamn, having signed a similar MoU in early May.

Matilda Machacek, Vice President of Offshore Development Nordics at RWE Offshore Wind: “We are delighted to be working with the Port of Oskarshamn and the Port of Karlshamn. Offshore wind expansion has significant potential in Sweden. Offshore infrastructure projects such as wind farms often require extensive logistical support. For better logistics and more efficient operations, and for the viability of offshore wind in Sweden, it is important that we have harbours close to the projects. This will result in growth for both neighbouring ports and the surrounding regions.”

Rickard Olsen Pella, Project Manager at RWE Offshore Wind: “A new offshore wind farm has the potential to transform a nearby port into a dynamic hub, catalysing growth, infrastructure, jobs and economic benefits for the region. We look forward to working with the Port of Oskarshamn to assess its potential as a future offshore wind hub.”

Niclas Strömqvist, CEO of Smålandshamnar: “The Port of Oskarshamn is already one of the leading harbours in Sweden for the transport and handling of onshore wind components. We are proud that RWE, one of the world’s leading companies in offshore wind, has taken note of our port and our expertise and supports our plans to become a hub for offshore wind, too. The Port of Oskarshamn is strategically positioned in the Baltic Sea and offers very good conditions and opportunities to meet the needs of future players in offshore wind power. Experience from other ports shows that the offshore wind industry is an employment accelerator that creates growth in the business community and thus the conditions for jobs and migration to the area. This will benefit not only Oskarshamn but also the region, Sweden and the green transition.”

RWE – an experienced offshore wind player

RWE is a global leader in offshore wind energy with more than 20 years of experience in the development, construction and operation of offshore wind projects. The company currently operates 19 offshore wind farms off the coasts of Europe – in Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the UK, as well as in the Swedish Baltic Sea. For example, RWE is currently building Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm, Thor (1.1 gigawatts), and has further projects under development around the world. RWE plans to increase its global offshore wind capacity from 3.3 gigawatts today to 10 gigawatts by 2030. RWE’s experience in offshore wind, combined with its technical expertise and global strategy, puts the company in a strong position to also become a market leader in floating wind and to unlock the full potential of the world’s deep seas.

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