Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. CSR update for 2015

FrieslandCampina publishes CSR update for 2015

Amersfoort, Netherlands, 03-May-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. updated its process of sustainable value creation in 2015. The company invests in making consumers aware of a healthy lifestyle by providing information about nutrition and exercise and it makes increasingly higher demands on sustainability and origin when purchasing basic materials. In this way, FrieslandCampina creates both financial and non-financial value in the entire chain. In the CSR update 2015 FrieslandCampina provides insight into the broader context the company is operational in. Trends and developments in the surroundings and challenges and opportunities also are part of the strategic CSR agenda of FrieslandCampina.

Quality is key to success
The company Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. is fully owned by Zuivelcoöperatie FrieslandCampina U.A., of which the member dairy farmers are members. It is FrieslandCampina’s task to process the milk of the member dairy farmers and to sell this for a price in such a way, that sustainable value is created for the member dairy farmers and for society also in the long term. FrieslandCampina daily provides millions of consumers spread all over the world with dairy products containing valuable nutrients from milk. The quality of each step in the chain is the key to success for the entire chain and, consequently, for FrieslandCampina. As FrieslandCampina controls this entire chain – from grass to glass –, it has a strong starting point. Making the nutrients in milk even more easily accessible is the basis of successful valorisation of the milk. FrieslandCampina’s objective for the year 2020 is to accomplish climate-neutral growth by keeping the emission of greenhouse gases equal compared to 2010 or to reduce this.

Transfer of knowledge and raising awareness
FrieslandCampina is committed to raising the awareness and the knowledge of the value chain. Through Foqus planet FrieslandCampina advises and supports the member dairy farmers in the areas of milk quality and sustainability initiatives. Examples of this are stimulation of outdoor grazing and lengthening the lives of dairy cows. At this moment research is done into improvement of manure fermentation.

The FrieslandCampina Institute provides health care professionals with information about dairy, nutrition and health following the most recent scientific developments. The FrieslandCampina Institute offers practical tools with respect to subjects related to nutrition and health. The Institute organised a congress about the nutritional needs of recreational and top athletes in November 2015. In connection with this, 800 nutritionists and sports experts gathered in Congrescentrum Papendal on 20 November.

FrieslandCampina’s Dairy Development Programme supports local dairy farmers (mainly small farmers) in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe to help local dairy farming improve, to raise the quality of the milk and to increase the productivity per cow.

The Drink.Move.BeStrong campaign which FrieslandCampina rolled out in Asia encourages children to pursue a healthy lifestyle. For this about 1,500 school were reached and an estimated 1.25 million children in Asia.

Sustainability is a precondition for continuity
In 2015, FrieslandCampina updated its route2020 strategy in order to be able to better anticipate the rapid changes in the world and in dairy farming.
With this update of the route2020 strategy FrieslandCampina formulated its purpose statement: nourishing by nature – better nutrition for the world, a good income for our farmers now and for generations to come. The route2020 strategy connects the daily activities and values that are important to FrieslandCampina. It gives guidance to the people involved and the operating processes through the entire chain. Sustainability is an important precondition for continuity. Therefore the policy with respect to corporate social responsibility and sustainability has been fully integrated into the updated route2020strategy.

The CSR strategy was described in the annual report 2015 of Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.. This CSR report provides more insight into the CSR initiatives and performance of FrieslandCampina in 2015. With this FrieslandCampina also complies with the technical requirements of the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

FrieslandCampina aims at a combined publication of the financial annual report and the sustainability report for the year 2017 for both Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. and Zuivelcoöperatie FrieslandCampina U.A.

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Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. CSR update for 2015


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