Rheinmetall will equip the German troops with laser duel simulators for realistic training exercises

Rheinmetall will equip the German troops with laser duel simulators for realistic training exercises

(PRESS RELEASE) DÜSSELDORF, 5-Feb-2020 — /EuropaWire/ — Rheinmetall will be providing simulation technology to German Bundeswehr contributing to its combat readiness for mechanized infantry units equipped with Puma infantry fighting vehicles (IFV).

The defense company, Rheinmetall, will upgrade their system first by developing and integrating a pre-series of six systems. This purchase is worth 54 million euros with VAT, that was ordered in January 2020. When the system is ready for full-scale production, the other 252 IFV will have the chance to be installed on the system. 

In this regard, Rheinmetall will have an additional order valued around 88 million euros. This will add up to the AGDUS contract worth around 142 million euros in total (including VAT). The contract was awarded last December 2019 for the Puma IFV for the AGDUS duel simulator.

AGDUS, which is a training device duel simulator of German Bundeswehr, has laser detectors displayed around the vehicle. There is also an eye-safe laser which stimulates effects of the Puma’s principal systems, such as the automatic cannon, machine gun and MELLS anti tank guided missile.

The laser algorithms are programmed to assure ballistically exact simulation of shots and hits. The AGDUS also enables simulation of the Puma IFV’s turret-independent secondary weapon system, or TSWA, as well as the vehicle’s self-defense systems.

The laser duel simulators will provide a very realistic training exercise at the German Army Combat Training Centre and other training facilities.

Lastly, Rheinmetall will deploy its Vehicle Systems and Electronic Solutions division which will give their expertise during the exercises in group locations in Bremen and Unterlüß.

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SOURCE: Rheinmetall AG


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