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Company/Org Name Digi Communications N.V.
Company address 75 Doctor Staicovici Street, Forum 2000 building, Phase I, fourth floor, 5th district, Bucharest
Billing contact name Serghei Bulgac – CEO Digi Communications N.V.
Billing email
Account contact name Adriana Biea – PR Digi Communications N.V,
Account email
Estimated number of press releases to be handled per month 0-30
PR budget for each of your press releases €599
Do you want distribution reporting included for each of your press releases Yes
Are press releases going to be announced first with us Yes (10% off the final pricing)
How do you prefer to be billed Postpaid monthly (at the end of the calendar month)
Next billing date 31 May 2018

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This page contains reports only for press releases paid for by using the email address as listed above. If multiple emails are used each address has its own reporting page. You can get reports for different emails over here.

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Date Press release Budget Reach Reads Report
25 May 2018 Digi Communications NV Stock option plan meant for the employees and officers of Digi Spain S.L.U. and conditional stock options granted to certain Romanian directors and employees €599 PR campaign in progress
18 May 2018 Digi Communications NV Announces that Conditional stock options were granted to several Directors of the Company based on the general shareholders’ meeting approval from 2 May 2018 €599 PR campaign in progress
17 May 2018 Digi Communications NV Announces the Exercise of stock options in accordance with the stock option plan approved at the level of the Company in 2017 for its Executive Directors €599 PR campaign in progress

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