Rabobank and online platform Bleeve to help customers implement energy-saving measures

Rabobank and online platform Bleeve to help customers implement energy-saving measures

UTRECHT, 23-Jun-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — Lower energy bills, greater comfort and a home that appreciates in value. A sustainable home gives homeowners a host of benefits, but they often also see the path to solar panels and extra insulation as a long and complicated one. Rabobank has entered into an alliance with online platform Bleeve to help customers with implementing energy-saving measures.

Making homes more sustainable

Homes account for 18% of Dutch CO2 emissions. The Dutch Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth stipulates that all homes in the Netherlands must on average have an A label by 2030. Approximately 45% of Dutch homes currently have an energy label D or lower. This means a great deal must be done in order to meet this target. It can be achieved by building extremely energy-efficient new homes and by renovating existing homes to compensate for the low energy labels.


Elze Vonk, Director Residential at Rabobank: ‘We know that 80% of homeowners would quite like to do something to make their home more energy efficient. But only a small percentage of them actually take action. Homeowners encounter obstacles, think the process is too difficult or see too few benefits in investing in energy-efficient measures. Rabobank is joining forces with Bleeve to make it easier for homeowners to enhance the sustainability of their homes. In this way we’re giving a boost to the process of making existing homes more sustainable.’


Bleeve.nl is an independent online platform that brings together private homeowners and energy-saving solutions suppliers. The homeowner completes an online HomeScan that renders a concrete recommendation for their home. The measures ensuing from the recommendation can then be carried out by the local businesses. This has a dual benefit: it successfully unites supply and demand and boosts local employment. This is why Rabobank is utilising its network to also connect business customers with the platform. Bleeve provides the affiliated businesses with high-quality leads and in doing so helps them save on marketing costs. The businesses pay a small fee to Bleeve when they actually carry out the measures.

Paul Geurts van Kessel, co-founder of Bleeve: ‘The HomeScan gives homeowners quick and easy insight into the possibilities for either saving energy or actually generating energy. We provide advice on the cost-savings, the required investments and matters such as return on investment.’

More information: www.rabobank.nl/duurzaamwonen

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SOURCE: Rabobank


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