PUMA Launches CLOUDSPUN Collection: Elevating Comfort and Performance in Athletic Wear

PUMA Launches CLOUDSPUN Collection: Elevating Comfort and Performance in Athletic Wear

(IN BRIEF) PUMA has launched its CLOUDSPUN Collection, featuring innovative athletic wear known for its ultra-soft fabric and advanced performance features such as moisture-wicking and 4-way stretch. The collection includes a range of men’s and women’s apparel designed for comfort and functionality during various types of workouts. Available from July 1st, 2024, at selected retailers and online, the CLOUDSPUN Collection aims to redefine athletic apparel by combining softness with high-performance capabilities.

(PRESS RELEASE) HERZOGENAURACH, 18-Jun-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — PUMA has introduced its latest innovation in athletic wear with the launch of the CLOUDSPUN Collection, promising an unparalleled blend of comfort and performance. Known for its CLOUDSPUN fabric technology, initially pioneered by PUMA Golf in 2020, the new line features a unique poly/spandex blend designed to deliver a soft, cotton-like feel with advanced moisture-wicking capabilities and 4-way stretch for optimal flexibility.

The CLOUDSPUN Collection debuts with a curated selection of men’s and women’s essentials, tailored to enhance workout experiences across various disciplines. From high-waisted tights offering versatile coverage and secure pockets, to breathable tees and full-zip jackets engineered for peak performance, each piece embodies PUMA’s commitment to comfort and functionality.

“This collection represents a significant leap forward in athletic apparel,” said a spokesperson for PUMA. “The CLOUDSPUN fabric sets a new standard for softness and adaptability, ensuring athletes stay comfortable and focused during their most demanding workouts.”

Available at selected retailers and online at PUMA.com starting July 1st, 2024, the CLOUDSPUN Collection marks a milestone in PUMA’s dedication to innovation and performance-driven design.

The PUMA CLOUDSPUN Training Collection includes: 

  • CLOUDSPUN Soft High-Waist Tights Women | 525771 Your hardest workouts just got a whole lot softer. Featuring CLOUDSPUN, PUMA’s comfort-first fabric that’s ultralight and sublimely soft, these tights are built to move with you. Add a flattering look to your routine with a high-rise, full-length fit offers versatile coverage and pockets to keep your stuff safe. See what a little ultra-softness can add to your hardest workouts with CLOUDSPUN.
  • CLOUDSPUN Soft Breathable Tee Men | 525711      Stay focused in your workout with this ultra-soft, breathable tee. This tee’s ergonomic cut lines and ultralight CLOUDSPUN fabric give you full range of motion while keeping you comfortable no matter how you work out. Featuring mesh inserts and DRYCELL technology that wick sweat to keep you dry when training intensity hits high gear. Peak performance, meet peak softness.  
  • CLOUDSPUN Full-Zip Jacket Men | 525718Add some ultra-softness to your hardest training sessions with this full-zip jacket engineered for peak performance and complete comfort. Unleash your full range of motion with ergonomic cut lines and raglan sleeves. Featuring ultra-soft CLOUDSPUN materials to keep you focused and dryCELL fibers to wick sweat away, so you stay comfortable – no matter how you work out.
  • CLOUDSPUN 7″ Knit Shorts Men | 525715Power through your hardest workouts with supreme softness. These 7″ inseam shorts feature PUMA’s comfort-first CLOUDSPUN fabric for softness you simply have to feel to believe. Adjustable waistband and side pockets provide an ideal fit and storage for your essentials. Add some softness to your training apparel and push harder with the CLOUDSPUN 7″ Knit Shorts.
  • CLOUDSPUN Long Sleeve Top Women | 525775          Performance (and comfort) just reached new heights. This long sleeve top powers the hardest workouts with ultra-soft CLOUDSPUN materials and moisture-wicking dryCELL fabrics to keep you comfortable. It’s not just soft – it’s soft on another level.
  • The CLOUDSPUN Collection will launch on July 1st 2024 in selected retailers, instore and on PUMA.com.
  • The CLOUDSPUN Collection unlocks a new level of softness. Built for comfort and confidence to support every workout
  • The super-light CLOUDSPUN material features 4-way stretch for unrestricted movement and brushed fibers for softness you simply must feel to believe
  • The launch capsule includes a selection of high-waisted women’s tights and long-sleeved top, and men’s breathable tee, full-zip jacket and 7” shorts
  • The collection launches on July 1st 2024

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