Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Management industry

PublicationsAustria – Management

Publications / magazines / blogs in Austria that cover the Management industry listed in no particular order:

  • Der Brutkasten – An Austrian online magazine focusing on startups, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It covers various aspects of management, including leadership, strategy, and business development. Website:
  • Industriemagazin – A leading Austrian magazine providing insights into management strategies, industrial trends, and economic developments. It covers topics such as production, technology, and innovation in the management sector. Website:
  • trend – A renowned Austrian business magazine covering a wide range of topics, including management, economics, finance, and entrepreneurship. It features interviews with industry leaders and analyzes current management practices. Website:
  • Leadersnet – An online platform providing news, articles, and interviews related to management, leadership, and business trends in Austria. It offers industry-specific insights and practical advice for managers. Website:
  • Wirtschaftsblatt – An Austrian business newspaper covering management, economics, and finance. It features articles on leadership, corporate governance, and industry-specific management practices. Website:
  • Die Presse – Management – The management section of the Austrian daily newspaper, Die Presse, covering topics such as leadership, organizational behavior, and management strategies. Website:
  • Finance Magazin – A magazine focusing on financial management and corporate finance. It covers topics such as financial planning, risk management, and investment strategies. Website:
  • Futurezone – A technology-focused online magazine covering digital transformation, innovation, and management of technology-driven businesses. It offers insights into emerging technologies and their impact on management practices. Website:
  • Medianet – A business magazine covering various industries and management topics such as marketing, human resources, and organizational development. It provides insights into management practices in Austria. Website:
  • Invest in Austria – The official website of the Austrian Business Agency (ABA), providing comprehensive information and resources for investors interested in doing business in Austria. It offers insights into the Austrian business environment, including management-related aspects such as investment opportunities, market analysis, and industry-specific information. Website:
  • Advantage Austria – The official website of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) and its international network, providing information on business opportunities, trade fairs, and events in Austria. It covers various aspects of the Austrian economy, including management-related topics such as business services, consulting, and professional expertise. Website:

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