Professional lighting systems provider Zumtobel shows its ability to innovate at Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt

Dornbirn, Austria / Frankfurt, Germany, 31-3-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — These days, the Zumtobel Group is demonstrating its ability to innovate in Frankfurt am Main, where the world’s largest trade fair for the lighting industry, Light + Building, opened this morning.

As a leading provider of professional lighting systems, the Austrian lighting group is represented with three large stands. Its multi-brand strategy – encompassing Zumtobel, Thorn and Tridonic – covers the whole spectrum of innovative lighting solutions. In a total area of 1,500 square metres, visitors will this year find almost exclusively energy-efficient LED products, as well as intelligent control systems and flexible lighting solutions.

“For us, this year’s Light + Building is a perfect platform for presenting our brands’ innovation competency. Thanks to our multi-brand strategy, we are in a position to provide outstanding products and solutions in professional lighting to all customer target groups. As a group, we also benefit from the technology expertise of Tridonic, our components subsidiary. In terms of organisation, the Zumtobel Group has recently been restructured to ensure we are able to improve these strong points in a target-oriented manner and considerably strengthen collaboration among the brands,” explains Ulrich Schumacher, CEO Zumtobel Group.

Zumtobel: exclusive application know-how as a basis for trend-setting lighting solutions
At this year’s Light + Building, Zumtobel is presenting intelligent lighting solutions that feature an advanced level of personalisation, focusing on users’ needs. LED technology plays a major role. In an area of 780 square metres, Zumtobel presents exclusively LED lighting solutions. At this year’s Light + Building, Zumtobel is focussing on know-how about light and its effects on people. Two recent studies on retail and office application areas provide an important basis for developing new, innovative lighting solutions. In a laboratory study conducted jointly with Gruppe Nymphenburg, people’s unconscious reactions to various different lighting scenarios in retail areas were measured on an empirical basis. On the basis of the study findings, Zumtobel has adjusted and extended its product range for retail applications. Modular spotlight systems like INTRO incorporating innovative liteCarve® reflector technology provide lighting solutions that can be fully customised. This enables Zumtobel’s retail customers for the first time to use lighting scenarios in their shops that have been optimised for the relevant target group.

A study on perceived lighting quality in offices has served as a scientific basis for extending the product range for office applications. The new SEQUENCE LED luminaire featuring advanced optic technology and the LIGHT FIELDS luminaire range featuring Tunable White technology demonstrate how various employee requirements can be met by adaptable, pinpoint task area lighting. Findings from the largest user study in the company’s history, which Zumtobel conducted in collaboration with Fraunhofer IAO, have influenced the development of products.

Within the scope of such customisable lighting, lighting control plays a key role. In order to break new ground in this respect, Zumtobel has cooperated with partners like IBM and interface experts. The outcome of these joint efforts is the innovative LITECOM lighting management system, which boasts easy installation and intuitive operation via apps. As an open system it provides a high degree of flexibility and customisation.

Thorn: innovations for outdoor lighting
At this year’s Light + Building, Thorn is presenting an extensive range of new products for outdoor and indoor lighting. These products combine reliability with high output and energy efficiency. As an outdoor lighting expert, Thorn is introducing the new and comprehensive R2L2 LED road lantern range, which can be used in various applications in public spaces, the built-in control system and low maintenance effort required ensuring a long service life. The URBA LED street lantern developed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, too, is presented for the first time.

Thorn seeks to become the world leader in the area of sports facility lighting, identifying huge potential in the renovation and new build of numerous stadiums for the 2016 European Football Championship. The Altis floodlight plays an important role in achieving this ambition, meeting the international requirements of high definition sports TV broadcasting. Altis boasts a patented optic with a unique combination of photometric qualities. The fully electronic solution provides flicker-free light, making it particularly suitable for broadcasting slow-motion sequences.

Tridonic: innovative product range ensures dynamic LED growth
This year, also for the first time, Tridonic, the lighting components and systems brand within the Zumtobel Group, is presenting exclusively innovative LED and OLED products at Light + Building.

In recent months Tridonic has completed its new range of LED converters and launched numerous product innovations, dynamically increasing LED converter sales in the current year by some 130%. Supplemented by additional solutions for outdoor areas, Tridonic now presents a completely new generation of LED converters at Light + Building that are perfectly tailored for use in any application. The TALEXX converter ECO, TOP and TEC series meet the typical requirements made on LED lighting solutions when used in offices, schools, shops as well as hotels/restaurants.

Tridonic also presents several highlights in the field of LED modules, including TALEXX engine STARK LLE PREMIUM with continuously adjustable white light (Tunable White) light in the range from 3000K to 6000K. Tridonic is the first supplier in the market to provide this technology for linear and wide-area lighting. By using adjustable white light the course of daylight can be perfectly simulated, increasing people’s wellbeing in many different application areas.

Another major technology trend is LED modules with built-in converters. In this area, Tridonic is presenting exciting innovations such as the cost-effective TALEXXengine STARK CLE Integrated and DLE Integrated single-component solutions. This gives customers plenty of creative scope, even for designing particularly low-profile luminaires. Integrated solutions incorporating light source and control gear in one component also allow for easy and quick replacement in hotels and restaurants.
The brands of the Zumtobel Group at Light + Building (30 March – 04 April 2014)

Hall 2.0, stand B30+B31
780 square metres

Hall 5.0, stand A56
299 square metres

Hall 2.0, stand A30
380 square metres
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At Light + Building, the world's largest trade fair for the lighting industry, the Zumtobel brand is represented with a 780 square metre stand.

At Light + Building, the world’s largest trade fair for the lighting industry, the Zumtobel brand is represented with a 780 square metre stand.


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