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Eni Supports Sustainability and Inclusivity at Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Games

(IN BRIEF) Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026 and Eni have signed an agreement to support the upcoming Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Milan Cortina 2026. Eni sees sport as a unifying tool and is committed to sustainability and a fair transition … Read the full press release

Elegance, Creativity, and “French Art de Vivre” Highlighted by Paris 2024 Look and Pictograms

(IN BRIEF) Paris 2024 unveiled the Look of the Games and the pictograms of Olympic and Paralympic disciplines, showcasing the elegance, creativity, and “French art de vivre” of the Games. The 62 pictograms, presented in the form of coats of … Read the full press release

57 Young French People Embark on Unique Civic Experience through Paris 2024 Program

(IN BRIEF) 57 young French people from diverse backgrounds are participating in a year-long civic program, named “Generation 2024,” set up by Paris 2024, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, and the Civic Service Agency. They work as volunteers … Read the full press release