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Deutsche Telekom Launches “Lights On! Against Hate Speech” Campaign to Combat Online Extremism

(IN BRIEF) Deutsche Telekom has initiated the “Lights On! Against hate speech” campaign, taking a stand against hate, racism, and anti-Semitism. The campaign, starting on February 1, 2024, aims to promote democratic cohesion, tolerance, and unity against extremism in society … Read the full press release

Ericsson Introduces Eco-Friendly Packaging to Cut Plastic Use in Supply Chain

(IN BRIEF) Ericsson, in partnership with Deutsche Telekom and Swisscom, has developed a sustainable packaging solution for shipping its Remote Radio products. The packaging materials, designed to reduce the environmental impact and plastic content, are fully recyclable and made from … Read the full press release

Deutsche Telekom’s Ecosystem for Textile Recycling Meets EU Green Deal Requirements

(IN BRIEF) Deutsche Telekom has created a circular economy ecosystem for textile recycling that covers the entire recycling process, from controlling container fill levels to re-use and recycling. The initiative makes the company a pioneer and digital trailblazer in the … Read the full press release