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The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Investment Fund (EIF) enter into capital relief transaction with Santander Consumer Bank in support of SMEs in Poland

A synthetic securitisation, whereby EIF and EIB provides protection on a mezzanine tranche and a senior tranche, reduces risk for Santander Consumer Bank S.A. and allows the originator to release the majority of capital allocated to the securitised portfolio. The … Read the full press release

EIB, EIF and LBBW partner over helping SMEs in Germany coup with the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic and inflation

LBBW will provide loans of up to €960 million on favourable terms to small businesses (SMEs) in Germany. The synthetic securitisation transaction between the EIB, EIF and LBBW aims to assist SMEs with their recovery from the negative impact of the … Read the full press release

La BEI, le FEI et LBBW s’associent pour aider les PME allemandes à faire face à l’impact négatif de la pandémie de coronavirus et de l’inflation

LBBW accordera des prêts allant jusqu’à 960 millions d’euros à des conditions favorables aux petites entreprises (PME) en Allemagne. L’opération de titrisation synthétique entre la BEI, le FEI et LBBW vise à aider les PME à se remettre de l’impact négatif … Read the full press release

The European Investment Fund (EIF) commits EUR 50 million to the World Fund, Europe’s leading climate tech VC fund

World Fund invests in European climate tech start-ups The start-ups have the potential to save at least 100 million tons of CO2-equivalents per year The funds will be deployed across Europe – with a partial remit to invest in Germany … Read the full press release

El Fondo Europeo de Inversiones (FEI) compromete EUR 50 millones para el Fondo Mundial, el fondo de capital de riesgo de tecnología climática líder en Europa

El Fondo Mundial invierte en nuevas empresas europeas de tecnología climática Las empresas emergentes tienen el potencial de ahorrar al menos 100 millones de toneladas de equivalentes de CO2 por año. Los fondos se desplegarán en toda Europa, con un … Read the full press release