Postbank / IKEA co-branded credit card is the best banking product for 2012 in Bulgaria

16-5-2013 — / — The co-branded credit card of Postbank and IKEA store is the best banking product for 2012 in the opinion of a competent international jury and the best card product for 2012 based on the online voting on Facebook, initiated by b2b Media. The awards were bestowed at today’s Card Payments Forum of b2b Media, which analyzed the market of card products in terms of innovation, security and efficiency of the modern card payments.

„I am very happy with the two recognitions. The consumers’ opinion on the Facebook is very valuable for us so that we can continue offering card products that ensure convenience and satisfaction“, Mr. Dimitris Kyriakudis, Commercial Director at Postbank’s Consumer Lending & Cards Division commented. „We are working towards ensuring our clients of the advantages of their cards, encouraging the usage and benefiting from the many privileges they provide. I would like to thank IKEA for our good partnership as well as the organizers of forum – b2b Media“, Mr. Kyriakudis added.

Within the program of the forum Mr. Kyriakudis presented analysis on “Payment cards in Bulgaria – apprehensions and desires”. He emphasized on several important advantages of the credit cards offered on the Bulgarian market: with regard to the interest – the credit cards offer grace period within which the clients can repay their debt on purchases made without being charged any interest. With regard to discounts – the credit cards offer numerous discounts to the clients in great number of stores. Mr. Kyriakudis added that the banks in Bulgaria have loyalty programs which provide additional discounts and/or cash back on every purchase.

He defined Postbank’s program for loyal credit cardholders – MyRewards as the most generous loyalty program in Bulgaria with three main advantages – it is not limited to particular stores, the more clients spend, the more they receive; it really gives the clients “more” (convenience, return, discounts, promotional terms, etc.) than every other program for loyal cardholders. Few days ago Postbank announced that until June 19 for every lev spent the clients will receive double bonus points under the program, which they can cash out.

About Postbank’s IKEA credit card:
Postbank is the only bank in Bulgaria which offers IKEA credit card. The card can be used for purchases in the IKEA store in Bulgaria. It allows the payment of purchases from the store on equal monthly installments, giving the opportunity to IKEA Bulgaria and Postbank’s clients to purchase the desired items immediately, but pay for them according to their preferences within a period of 3 to 36 months. The credit card has no annual maintenance fee and there is no loan extension charge, and the monthly fee for servicing the loan amounts to BGN 2.50 and is only charged in the case the card is being used or if there are unpaid obligations to it. Especially for the cardholders Postbank offers a preferential interest rate and a grace period up to 45 days. Within this period no interest is charged if there is full repayment of the credit used for the purchase.

You can apply for IKEA credit card at every branch of Postbank, at the authorized Postbank employees at the IKEA store or at Postbank offers the clients the option to apply for an additional card for a family member.



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