POST Luxembourg awarded the “FTTH Council Europe Award” for the expansion of FTTH

LUXEMBOURG, 19-Feb-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — At this year’s annual multinational conference of the “FTTH Council Europe”, which takes place from 16th to 18th February in the halls of LuxExpo at Luxembourg-Kirchberg, POST Luxembourg was awarded the “FTTH Council Europe Award” for its efforts in the expansion of FTTH.

FTTH stands for “Fibre To The Home”. With this form of electronic high-speed data connectivity, the fibre ends – as its name suggests – in the customer’s home; the fibre material used has the flexibility of copper cable and so enables optimal installation. The FTTH Council is an industry association that actively promotes this advanced technology in Europe.

Early and consistent use for FTTH data traffic

The jury named POST Luxembourg’s consistent efforts to expand FTTH from an early stage as its reason for awarding the prize to the company. As long ago as 1997 POST Luxembourg recognised the future significance of fibre-optic technology in the access network for residential customers and started installing “hybrid cables” (copper and fibre-optic) and since 2010 has laid 800,000 km of fibre-optics.

This is even more impressive when one considers the relatively small size of the Grand Duchy. By now more than 50% of all households in Luxembourg are FTTH networked, and this is increasing annually by around 10,000 buildings, which equals a growth of 6 to 7% of the total buildings of the country per year. It is therefore expected that by 2017 an impressive 60% of Luxembourg homes will be able to use an FTTH connection.

Exemplary open business model

In addition, the FTTH Council Europe said, POST Luxembourg is one of the most progressive fibre-optic providers in Europe, which offers its customers a transmission rate of 1 Gbit/s, innovative TV, streaming and cloud services, and establishes high performance public WiFi networks for Luxembourg municipalities.

The open business model of POST Luxembourg, which allows various providers to offer their services on the same infrastructure, is also exemplary and encourages competition, and offers individual customers as well as commercial enterprises an ideal range of options.

POST Luxembourg is honoured to be awarded this renowned prize and welcomes the opportunity to present its optic fibre network to the experts attending the FTTH Conference in Luxembourg. The company regards the “FTTH Council Europe Award” as an additional incentive to continue its efforts to expand FTTH further in future.

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