Polish Oil and Gas Company: Qatargas to supply liquefied natural gas for the purposes of Świnoujście LNG terminal cool-down and start-up operations

Liquefied natural gas for the purposes of Świnoujście LNG terminal cool-down and start-up operations will be supplied by the biggest producer of LNG in the world and operator of the greatest methane carrier fleet – Qatargas. Polish Oil and Gas Company acting as an intermediary in gas supply to the terminal under the Contract with Polskie LNG has reached an agreement with Qatari enterprise.

WARSAW, 16-9-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — Under the contract with EPC Contractor for the LNG terminal in Świnoujście, Polskie LNG shall procure the fuel for technical purposes of the project. Pursuant to contractual provisions, the EPC Consortium is obliged to conduct technical start-up operation comprising i.a. cool-down, system performance adjustment along with trial run and operational tests of the entire installation. In addition to these, The EPC Contractor – under the Annex of 9 September 2015 to the EPC Contract – is financially liable for the process of unloading and receipt of LNG for the purposes of Terminal’s start-up.

PGNiG shall procure two batches of LNG in the amount required for all necessary start-up operations along with performance and operational tests in compliance with the highest international standards in LNG industry, and to ensure safety of delivery. As most of LNG purchased for the purposes of start-up operation will be regasified in the process and further injected into the transmission network, it requires from PGNiG considerable flexibility in receiving the gas and a substantial potential to distribute the gas fuel in the market.

– PGNiG company was designated to ensure both the delivery of fuel for the purposes of cooling-down the installation and start-up as well as receipt of substantial volumes of gas fuel generated in this process with due care and professionalism. The LNG contracted by PGNiG for the purposes of installation cool-down and start-up will be supplied by Qatargas, said Jan Chadam, CEO of Polskie LNG.

– Throughout LNG delivery process, PGNiG will consider the determinants of the Terminal’s construction design and will arrange the receipt of gas fuel generated in the process of installation start-up. Involvement of Qatargas – a recognized global supplier of LNG – will guarantee that all relevant quality requirements for such a delivery are satisfied.  This is another example of good cooperation between PGNiG and Qatargas, said Mariusz Zawisza, CEO of PGNiG.

Qatargas is the largest producer of LNG and a charterer of the greatest number of methane carriers in the world. LNG for the purposes of Terminal cool-down and start-up will be supplied on Q-Flex vessels, identical as those which will supply gas fuel for PGNiG under the long-term agreement. Qatargas has extensive experience with start-up deliveries for numerous LNG terminals in the world.

The first delivery will be preceded by technical audit which is an internationally recognized method of verification whether a terminal is ready to admit an LNG carrier, unload and store unloaded LNG volumes in onshore tanks. Engagement of Qatargas mitigates the risks related with ensuing coordination and cooperation in terms of commercial deliveries performed under the long-term contract with PGNiG.



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