Petrol d.d.signs agreements to sell the shares of Istrabenz d.d.

Ljubljana, 26-12-2012 — / — Petrol d.d., Ljubljana signed two agreements today to sell the shares of Istrabenz d.d.

The agreements were entered into based on bids resulting from a public invitation to tender (published on 12 October 2012) for the purchase of 1,690,305 shares of Istrabenz d.d. (32.63-percent stake), which are traded on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange under identification code ITBG and owned by Petrol d.d., Ljubljana.

By entering into the sale, Petrol is pursuing the strategic goal of disposing of all non-operating assets as it estimates that over the long term this investment will not yield required returns to the Petrol Group.

All 1,690,305 shares of Istrabenz d.d. were purchased by Sava d.d. and KB 1909, with the former becoming the owner of 845,153 shares and the latter of 845,152 shares.


Petrol d.d., Ljubljana
Ms. Barbara Jama Živalič
Contact person, responsible for the Investor relations



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