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15-1-2013 — /europawire.eu/ — Outokumpu revises the listing particulars dated December 28, 2012 relating to the listing of 621 042 572 new shares on the official list of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd with the following information relating to Outokumpu’s capitalization and indebtedness. The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has on January 2, 2013 approved a supplement to the listing particulars.

The table in the listing particulars relating to capitalization and indebtedness is replaced by the following table. The changes in the table relate to the items “Net current financial indebtedness” and ”Net financial indebtedness.” Net current financial indebtedness (actual) of EUR 529 million is changed into negative EUR 529 million and net current financial indebtedness (as adjusted for the Inoxum Transaction (pro forma)) of negative EUR 554 million is changed into positive EUR 554 million. Net financial indebtedness (actual) of EUR 2 102 million is changed into EUR 1 044 million and net financial indebtedness (as adjusted for the Inoxum Transaction (pro forma)) of EUR 1 995 million is changed into EUR 3 103 million.

As at September 30, 2012
Actual As adjusted for
the Inoxum Transaction
(pro forma)(1)
(EUR in millions)
Current interest-bearing debt
Of which unguaranteed/unsecured 570 620
Of which guaranteed/secured(2)      80    180
Total    649    799
Non-current interest-bearing debt
Of which unguaranteed/unsecured 902 1,841
Of which guaranteed/secured(2)    671    707
Total 1,573 2,549
Total debt 2,223 3,348
Shareholders’ equity
Share capital 311 311
Premium fund 714 714
Other reserves 50 50
Share issue 973 1,433
Retained earnings    795 1,064
Total 2,843 3,572
Total shareholders’ equity and interest-bearing financial debt 5,066 6,920
Cash and cash equivalents 1,178    245
Liquidity 1,178    245
Loans from financial institutions 243 389
Commercial paper 354 354
Pension loans 37 37
Finance lease liabilities 12 14
Other current liabilities        4         4
Current financial debt    649    799
Net current financial indebtedness(3)   (529)    554
Bonds issued 399 399
Non-current loans from financial institutions 842 868
Pension loans 178 178
Finance lease liabilities 148 221
Loan Note 876(4)
Other long-term liabilities         6         6
Non-current financial debt 1,573 2,549
Net financial indebtedness 1,044 3,103


(1)  For information on pro forma adjustments and basis for preparing the information set forth in this column, see “Pro Forma Financial Information.”
(2)  Mortgages and guarantees. For additional information, see “Operating and Financial Review and Prospects—Borrowings.”
(3)  Net current financial indebtedness = liquidity + other financial receivables – current financial debt.
(4)  The principal amount of the Loan Note based on Inoxum’s audited combined statement of financial position as at September 30, 2012. On the Completion Date, the principal amount of the Loan Note has been calculated based on an estimate of Inoxum’s Intra-Group Financing Balance (as defined herein) prepared by ThyssenKrupp in accordance with the Business Combination Agreement and consists of two tranches. The initial principal amount of the first tranche is approximately EUR 700 million, which will be adjusted following the Completion Date as described below (“Tranche A”), and the initial principal amount of the second tranche is EUR 550 million (“Tranche B”). For more information on the conditions related to the Loan Note see “Material Agreements—Inoxum Transaction—Loan Note.”

The Finnish language supplement together with an unofficial English translation are available on Outokumpu’s website www.outokumpu.com/investors as of today.

For further information:

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Outokumpu is the global leader in stainless steel and high performance alloys. Our advanced materials are the ideal choice for demanding applications ranging from cutlery to bridges, energy plants to medical equipment. Stainless steel contributes to a sustainable and long lasting world as it is a 100% recyclable, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, durable and hygienic material. Outokumpu employs approximately over 16 000 professionals in over 40 countries, with the Group’s head office in Espoo, Finland and shares listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. www.outokumpu.com


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