NWO Launches €14 Million Call for Proposals for Direct Use of Hydrogen in Industry, Mobility and Built Environment

NWO Launches €14 Million Call for Proposals for Direct Use of Hydrogen in Industry, Mobility and Built Environment

(PRESS RELEASE) THE HAGUE, 20-Jan-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has launched a new call for proposals for the National Growth Fund (NGF) program GroenvermogenNL, focused on the direct use of hydrogen in the energy-intensive industry, mobility, and built environment. The program, which is part of the larger GroenvermogenNL initiative, aims to optimize research and innovation in the field of hydrogen usage and to trigger technical and economic innovations.

With a total of €14 million available for this call, the program hopes to answer questions about the integration of hydrogen in the current energy and resource system, as well as address non-technical aspects such as international policy changes and support. The impact of potential measures and incentives on the level playing field for hydrogen and other sustainable energy carriers will also be studied.

Go directly to the call for proposals ‘Direct use of hydrogen’

The GroenvermogenNL initiative, which was created in cooperation with the GroenvermogenNL Foundation, aims to accelerate the use of green hydrogen in the chemical, industrial and transport sectors through innovation and cost reduction. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of a green-hydrogen ecosystem and inspire scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations that can help transition to a climate-neutral society.

The R&D program is divided into four components, including a scale-up program, small and large-scale demonstration projects, a human capital program, and the R&D program, which itself is divided into seven work packages. Two of these work packages have already been published, with the remaining five to be published in the coming months. Overall, the R&D program has around €100 million available.

Information session

  • Physical information session is on Tuesday 31 January 2023 at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht at 10:00 am;
  • Online information session is on 9 February 2023 at 10:00 hrs;
  • Deadline for submitting Expressions of Interest is 16 February 2023, 14:00 hours;
  • Eventually (through a procedure grafted on the ‘sandpit’ method) selected parties in workshops in weeks 19 and 22 of 2023 will work together towards forming one consortium that will submit a proposal;
  • NWO expects to make a decision on funding of the proposal by mid-October 2023.

Besides the knowledge institutions usual for NWO, TO2 institutions, companies, and other civil society organisations can also participate in this call and apply for funding under certain conditions.

About the National Growth Fund Programme Green Equity

The National Growth Fund Programme Green CapabilityNL is the green capability investment programme for the Dutch economy and society. Through this programme, green hydrogen should be the pulling force for the transition from a fossil-based society and industry to sustainable energy supply. This will enable the Netherlands to build a new industry and an attractive business climate. To make this transition possible, well-trained people and a strong structure of knowledge sharing are necessary. The investment programme runs until 2028.

About the National Growth Fund

Through the National Growth Fund (NGF), the government is investing 20 billion euros in projects that ensure long-term economic growth in the period from 2021 to 2025. Among other things, the National Growth Fund invests in research, development and innovation projects. In a number of these projects, NWO is involved as one of the implementing organisations, including for organising grant programmes for scientific research or scientific talent.

More information: www.nwo.nl/growthfund

Media contact:

Dr Gabriël Koole (NGF)
Programme officer
+31(0)70 344 09 60

SOURCE: The Dutch Research Council (NWO)


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