NORMA Group provides several Formula 1 teams with various types of joining products

Maintal/Germany, Newbury/United Kingdom, 22-Apr-2016 — /EuropaWire/ — NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, provides several Formula 1 teams from all over the world with various types of joining products, including NORMAQUICK plastik quick connectors, NORMACLAMP TORRO hose clamps and NORMAFIX RSGU retaining clips. The products are used in racing cars to connect fuel lines, other systems located inside the engine compartment, and in exhaust gas turbochargers.

Formula 1 cars deliver maximum performance. These racing cars accelerate from 0 to more than 300 kilometres per hour in less than 9 seconds. This creates acceleration forces of up to 5G, five times the force of gravity. The engines deliver around 800 HP at approx. 17,500 rpm. The racing cars are made of high-strength carbon fibre composites, among other materials, and weigh about 500 kilogrammes. Around two kilometres of cable runs through these vehicles.

“Joining products must be manufactured precisely to meet the extreme requirements in motor racing in order to be able to withstand the high tensile forces and temperatures and yet reduce weight,” explains Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group. “The fact that our connectors and metal clamps are used by various Formula 1 teams shows that our products are of extremely high quality, conductive and reliable.”

NORMAQUICK plastic quick connectors are suited for connecting media carrying cooling water and heating pipes, but also for use in fuel and charged air systems. The compact design of these connectors allows them to be used in limited installation space. NORMACLAMP TORRO hose clamps are specially designed for high mechanical loads and connect pipes of all kinds without allowing any leakage. NORMAFIX RSGU retaining clips attach lines, hoses and cables.

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About NORMA Group
NORMA Group is a global market leader in engineered joining technology. The company manufactures a wide range of innovative connecting solutions and water management technology offering more than 35,000 products to customers in 100 countries with around 6,500 employees. NORMA Group helps its customers and business partners to react to global challenges such as climate change and increasing scarcity of resources. NORMA Group joining products can be found in vehicles and trains, ships and aircraft, buildings and water management as well as in applications for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The company generated sales of around EUR 890 million in 2015. NORMA Group operates a global network of 22 production facilities as well as numerous sales and distribution sites across Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific. NORMA Group has its headquarters in Maintal, Germany. NORMA Group SE is listed on the German stock exchange (Prime Standard) and included in the MDAX index.


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