No limits – from artist to leading tech woman

Join this year’s Hamburg Aviation Conference and learn from Beatie Wolfe how to succeed in your business environment

CHUR, 15-1-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — New year, new challenges. Beatie Wolfe has turned in less than a year from an artist and songwriter to one of the leading tech women of the world. She entered new territories due to vision, courage and determination – and by using new technology to differentiate and reach her young audience the way they want to be reached.

Beatie will be the keynote speaker at the Hamburg Aviation Conference on 11th February 2015. This unique event brings together the aviation and travel industry with other industries and universities to “think future” and to discuss innovative solutions in the dynamic business environment.

It all started with Beatie’s determination to release a new album in a different way. She went for the world’s first interactive 3D release (see also ). In the meantime, Beatie was asked by Apple to tour their event theatres in New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo this year. She also became official British Ambassador for Creativity & Innovation (Britain is GREAT) and represented Britain at the CeBIT top technology show in Hannover in 2014.

Britain’s top web entrepreneur Michael Acton Smith (Moshi Monster & Mind Candy Founder) asked Beatie to launch the first official musician channel for his new social media world for kids called PopJam. She currently collaborates with Michael and renowned international children charities creating a single for pre-order as from mid-January and purchase on 8th February. Beatie Wolfe created a competition on PopJam which received a record breaking level of engagement for the site at 20k responses in two days. She was in the PopJam TV advert running all across the children’s channels throughout December (Nickelodeon, Disney etc). Here it is online:

Other superlatives include:

  • Moshi Monsters subscriber list 80 million worldwide
  • Beatie Wolfe channel features alongside leading global brands – Lego, Minecraft, Pokemon
  • Beatie Wolfe channel on PopJam growing at a rate of 12k new followers a month
  • Beatie Wolfe channel receives an average of 2k responses per day

Beatie was a special musical guest on Monocle 24 for a christmas special show alongside renowned film critics Jason Solomons and Karen Krizanovich. She will hold the keynote speech at the “think future” Hamburg Aviation Conference 10-12th February 2015.

What can airlines, airports and other organisations really learn from Beatie? For sure music, travel and shopping go well together, and can open the doors to clients. But above all, with determination, innovation and best use of current technology and digital media to meet their clients’ expectations organisations can make a difference instead of just being a follower – and get on the winning lane for this year.

The Hamburg Aviation Conference is unique in terms of bringing different types of industries and universities together and helping to think out of the box. The agenda and amazing speaker line up can be found at To find more about Beatie, visit her site

The conference is organised by the boutique consultancy XXL Solutions and was originally founded by Hamburg Airport, the main marketing partner of the conference. Other sponsors include Airbus, ICLP, Lumexis, Guest Logix.

Ursula Silling,
Founder & CEO XXL Solutions


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Beatie Wolfe and Palm Top Theatre by Stuart Nicholls

No limits – from artist to leading tech woman


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