Nierstichting and NWO Partner to Advance Kidney Transplant Survival

Nierstichting and NWO Partner to Advance Kidney Transplant Survival

(IN BRIEF) Despite technological advancements, the long-term survival of transplanted kidneys has seen little improvement in the past two decades, with approximately 40% of transplanted kidneys being rejected within ten years. In response, the Nierstichting and NWO are collaborating in a new KIC partnership aimed at fostering interdisciplinary innovation for the prevention and treatment of kidney transplant failure. The partnership seeks to gain deeper insights into the factors and mechanisms underlying transplant kidney rejection and develop new therapies to enhance transplant survival. By achieving these goals, the initiative aims to extend the life expectancy and improve the quality of life for patients while reducing transplant waiting lists. The call for proposals is expected to open in early 2024 and will involve various stakeholders from different sectors in addressing this multifaceted challenge, including social aspects such as ethics, inclusivity, and communication.

(PRESS RELEASE) THE HAGUE, 1-Dec-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — The long-term survival of transplanted kidneys has barely improved over the past 20 years, despite promising technological advances. Approximately 40% of transplanted kidneys are rejected within ten years. The Nierstichting and NWO aim to improve this and are joining forces within the new KIC partnership, revolving around interdisciplinary innovation for prevention and treatment of kidney transplant failure.

More insight is needed into factors and underlying mechanisms in rejection of transplanted donor kidneys. This call aims to enable the development of new therapies for prevention and treatment. This will improve transplant survival and thus life expectancy and quality of life of patients. In addition, more people can be helped to a donor kidney as longer living kidneys lead to shorter transplant waiting lists. The call is expected to open in early 2024.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Transplant failure is a multidisciplinary problem requiring organizations and companies from different sectors. This call for proposals is therefore aimed at parties contributing to interdisciplinary research and innovative solutions for prevention and treatment of kidney transplant failure. Social aspects (e.g. economic and ethical aspects, inclusiveness, communication, behavior and autonomy of users) are an integral part in the development of the approach.

Save the date: matchmaking meeting
The call is expected to open in January 2024. An on-site matchmaking meeting will follow on Thursday afternoon, February 15, 2024. More information on conditions, budget and deadlines will follow upon opening via this site.

KIC seeks technological economic opportunities
The NWO research programme KIC focuses on groundbreaking innovative solutions with societal and economic impact. Companies, knowledge institutions and government bodies jointly invest in the commercial application of knowledge to tackle major societal challenges through the use of smart technologies. By doing this, both jobs and income can be secured for the future. This is established in the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) 2020-2023 that connects with the Mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy of the Dutch government. NWO brings together companies and knowledge institutions and funds groundbreaking research based on their innovative, high-impact research proposals.

Within the main line Mission, NWO annually develops several large thematic programmes, which each have a budget of between 5 and 11 million euros: the mission-driven programmes. The choice of subject is determined on the basis of a ranking within the Knowledge and Innovation Agendas. Researchers submit proposals for collaborative projects with a budget of between 750,000 and 4 million euros per proposal.

Disclaimer: this is solely an announcement of an intended NWO research programme. The possibility to apply for funding will open after the call for proposals has been published in the Staatscourant (Government Gazette).

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