Next-Gen Broadcasting: RTL Deutschland Implements Cutting-Edge 5G Solution with Deutsche Telekom

Next-Gen Broadcasting: RTL Deutschland Implements Cutting-Edge 5G Solution with Deutsche Telekom

(IN BRIEF) Deutsche Telekom has collaborated with RTL Deutschland to implement a private 5G campus network, marking RTL as the first German media company to adopt its own 5G standalone (5G SA) network. This innovative move enhances TV production flexibility by enabling the use of wireless cameras both inside and outside studios, a departure from traditional wired setups. The network’s tailored infrastructure supports ultra-fast data processing and dynamic adaptability, promising high performance for live TV production. With plans to extend coverage to neighboring event sites during the 2024 European Championship, RTL’s private 5G campus network ensures uninterrupted, high-quality broadcasting.

(PRESS RELEASE) BONN, 5-June-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — Deutsche Telekom (ETR: DTE), one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies and the largest telecommunications provider in Europe by revenue, has unveiled its installation of a private 5G campus network for RTL Deutschland, set to launch just in time for the European Football Championship. This pioneering move marks RTL Deutschland as the first media company in Germany to equip its production studios with 5G through its own 5G standalone (5G SA) network, termed the “Campus Network Private” business customer solution.

By integrating this in-house campus network, RTL Deutschland is poised to revolutionize TV production, enhancing flexibility with the utilization of wireless cameras both inside and outside the studios. Traditionally reliant on wired cameras for dynamic image control during live productions, the transition to wireless connectivity promises unprecedented agility in TV broadcasting.

The tailored infrastructure of the in-house campus network ensures optimized performance and dynamic adaptability. Leveraging the independent 5G architecture enables ultra-fast data processing, with response times in the millisecond range. Beyond wireless cameras, the network will support wireless microphones, intercom systems, and dedicated internet access, with plans to test additional production-relevant systems via 5G.

Matthias Dang, Chief Commercial, Technology & Data Officer at RTL Deutschland, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in delivering top-tier content to viewers efficiently. Klaus Werner, Managing Director for Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland, underscored the unique capabilities of the 5G campus network in meeting the demanding requirements of live TV production.

Looking ahead to the 2024 European Championship, the benefits of the campus network will extend to the tournament’s broadcasts, ensuring flawless coverage even in high-demand scenarios. With plans to expand coverage to neighboring event sites during the championship, RTL’s private 5G campus network guarantees uninterrupted live broadcasts.

The deployment of the 5G SA network encompasses not only RTL’s studios but also the surrounding area, including visitor parking and public viewing spaces, covering over 35,000 square meters. This infrastructure, powered by Ericsson technology, facilitates high upload bandwidths and minimal latency rates, ensuring seamless operations for RTL Deutschland.

The closed system offers RTL Deutschland full control and flexibility, allowing prioritization of data traffic for specific applications and ensuring robust data security and reliability. With redundant architecture and continuous availability, the private network promises uninterrupted broadcasting, reinforcing RTL’s commitment to delivering exceptional content to its audience.

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