Nexensos finds new owner in YAGEO for its temperature sensing business

Nexensos finds new owner in YAGEO for its temperature sensing business

(IN BRIEF) Electronic components provider YAGEO has acquired Nexensos, a leader in the temperature sensor market, as part of its plan to expand its portfolio of smart sensors. Nexensos’ temperature sensing business will complement YAGEO’s existing sensor portfolio, particularly in the automotive and industrial sectors. The acquisition will allow Nexensos to access capital to enhance its product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities. YAGEO Nexensos is a leading manufacturer of platinum temperature sensors and uses platinum thin-film technology for high-precision temperature measurement. Its temperature sensors are used in a variety of fields, including energy, e-mobility, building technology, medical and laboratory applications, and production plants.

(PRESS RELEASE) KLEINOSTHEIM, 1-Apr-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — “In a world that is dynamically moving towards smart and electrified systems, sensors are an essential part of this paradigm shift. For us, temperature sensors are a great addition to our existing sensor portfolio of YAGEO and our TOKIN division and the perfect product to sustainably expand our presence in the sensor market,” said Pierre Chen, founder and chairman of YAGEO. “Nexensos has a complementary range of products and customers, particularly in the automotive and industrial segments, which are key drivers for future growth.”

YAGEO employs approximately 40,000 people worldwide in 49 production sites, 29 sales offices and 20 development centers, and is the only electronic components and services provider to offer all three basic pillars of passive components – resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Its products all hold leading positions in their respective markets. Through international acquisitions and optimization of its product portfolio, YAGEO has evolved over the past years into a premium solution provider, particularly distinguished by its design-in capabilities and large capacities in these demanding markets.

“We are pleased that Nexensos’ temperature sensing business has found an owner in the YAGEO Group, which has been successfully developing and expanding its electronic components business for decades,” said Ralph Meschkat, president of the YAGEO Nexensos Business Unit. “In addition to the strategic fit of the businesses, the acquisition will provide Nexensos with access to capital to expand its product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities.”

YAGEO Nexensos is one of the global industry leaders in the field of high-precision temperature measurement using platinum thin-film technology and the largest manufacturer of platinum temperature sensors. Applications of the temperature sensors are in many fields, e.g. in e-mobility, in energy and building technology, in medical and laboratory applications, in production plants and process monitoring, but also in end products such as stoves with self-cleaning function or pellet grills.


YAGEO is the world’s only electronic component and service provider who has all three of the main pillars of the passive component industry—resistors, capacitors, and inductors, with each of the products having the leading position among its peers. Moreover, YAGEO has extended its product portfolio to circuit protection components, wireless components and sensors. After years of international acquisitions and internal product portfolio optimization, YAGEO has transformed to a premium solution provider with high design-in capability and extensive reach into those hard to penetrate segments and markets.

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