New Security Product Protects Industrial Systems

  • CeBIT 2017: The focus is on security for industry and IoT networks
  • Industrial Threat Protect Pro detects and analyzes anomalies
  • Industrial Network Protect Pro guards against uncontrolled data flows and network break-ins

BONN, 21-Mar-2017 — /EuropaWire/ — The security of industrial systems and critical infrastructures such as power plants is becoming an increasingly important issue. Production and supply chains are becoming more and more interconnected, with increasingly diverse ranges of partners. When one link in such a chain falls victim to a cyber attack, malicious code can spread rapidly throughout an entire group of interconnected operations and cause extensive damage. At the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, Deutsche Telekom is presenting two new products that protect industrial systems and their control systems. They act early to block attackers, and they detect weaknesses and any successful attacks in real time.

New solution for network transparency

Industrial Threat Protect Pro is a new industrial IoT security product in the portfolio of Telekom Security. It provides transparency and visibility relative to internal processes within production networks, thereby significantly reducing reaction times in connection with cyber incidents. The solution, which was developed by Israeli company CyberX, works by continuously analyzing weak points and automatically recording the network configuration in industrial networks, with all of their special communication protocols. In regular operations, Industrial Threat Protect Pro reveals anomalies in the communication behavior of industrial systems. It acquires its capabilities as a learning system – it learns the standard commands, regulation-conformal behaviors and regular patterns tied to industrial systems’ normal operations. Whenever Industrial Threat Protect Pro registers departures from the norms it has learned, or detects any system vulnerabilities, it provides real-time notifications, and displays detailed incident information, on a clearly designed control panel. In each case, the information it provides enables experts to assess the situation forensically and take any necessary countermeasures. This applies both to attacks and to operational disruptions that are not due to cyber attacks.

“Industrial systems often run for decades or longer without undergoing any software or technology updates, because operators are often leery of disturbing smoothly running production processes. In our connected age, such habits make systems vulnerable. It is vitally important to be able to detect any intrusions – and, thus, it is vitally important to monitor control mechanisms continuously,” explained Dirk Backofen, Head of Telekom Security, in Hanover.

Telekom Security is offering Industrial Threat Protect Pro in conjunction with CyberX exclusively in Germany for 12 months.

“We’re honored that Telekom Security and Deutsche Telekom chose CyberX as their strategic partner, based on their rigorous requirements,” said Nir Giller, CTO and co-founder of CyberX. “Deployed in the world’s largest industrial environments, our platform serves an important mission in safeguarding our global economy, public safety and health. We look forward to partnering with Telekom Security to protect against 21st century threats worldwide.”

Firewall for industrial networks

Telekom Security, a new business area within the company, is also offering Industrial Network Protect Pro, a distributed firewall for industrial networks. The new product, which is based on a solution designed by the Israeli company Radiflow, prevents unauthorized network access and uncontrolled data flows. With INPP, companies can subdivide their networks into protected zones, and then monitor and control data flows between the zones. This enables them to prevent unauthorized access to control systems and any unwanted data flows.

Industrial Network Protect Pro is also able to implement centrally administrated security guidelines for groups of different sites and manufacturers. Its security gateways can also serve as sensors for attack detection and as access protection in connection with remote maintenance. Customers can also use the new product to securely connect even small locations, and switching systems, with low-bandwidth network links and with mobile access.

Telekom Security is offering Industrial Network Protect Pro in conjunction with Radiflow exclusively in Germany until the end of 2017.

The new solutions are aimed at production companies of all sizes and are available right away.

SOURCE: Deutsche Telekom AG

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