New media brand called 2050 launching in early 2022 to target young people concerned about the environment and climate change

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(PRESS RELEASE) MUNICH, 1-Dec-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Burda Verlag, a German media group, has announced the launch of a new print magazine with focus on environment, society, culture and business. The new media brand will be called 2050 and will primarily target young people from Generation Z concerned about the environment and climate change. Climate change and the associated issues with this for our planet is what preoccupies young people most and the most important question of this generation is: How can we stop climate change by 2050?

For this special target group, which also gave rise to the Fridays For Future movement, a small team led by Brand Director Elfi Langefeld, Dominik Schütte (Editor-in-Chief Esquire) and Bianka Morgen (Deputy Editor-in-Chief Instyle) has developed a new media brand called 2050. The central themes in 2050 are the environment, society, culture and business. 2050 reports on ideas, projects and people who are working on a future worth living, while always remaining scientifically based, progressive and realistic. 2050 wants to contribute to a constructive social attitude with unwavering optimism and great enthusiasm.

With 2050, the publisher is breaking new ground.

“With 2050, we are targeting a young generation for whom the issues of climate and environmental protection are high on the agenda and who are very clear in drawing our attention to social grievances. We are convinced that we will not reach this target group through conventional channels. That’s why 2050 won’t be available at newsstands, but will be brought directly to the target group. And even for free. We are also rethinking the topic of editing. There is no fixed team for 2050, but rather an agile association of interested and committed journalists who are supported in the selection of topics by an advisory board of strong social voices. We will also distribute the content digitally, for example via a free downloadable e-paper that also includes video content. For social media Instagram will play an important part in the concept,” commented Elfi Langefeld, Brand Director Publishing Premium Lifestyle.

The print magazine 2050 is to be published twice a year and will reach its target group via direct distribution, for example to universities and training centers. It will have a print run of 30,000 copies and be produced sustainably and to a high degree of quality using 100% recycled paper.

An expanded e-paper of the magazine is planned in parallel, which will include additional video content such as interviews, films and background reports. The Instagram profile @zwanzigfuenfzig will feature relevant topics and images throughout the year, including infotainment and service-oriented video content, quotes, news and infographics. Expansion to other social media channels such as Tiktok is also planned.

2050 will be launched for the first time in spring 2022 on World Earth Day as a print magazine and e-paper, and in parallel as an Instagram channel.

Sustainability and environmental protection have been important values of the corporate strategy at Hubert Burda Media since the 1990s. Many business units at Burda have been pursuing efforts for years to operate as ecologically sustainably as possible, beyond predefined standards. The focus of our commitment is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and regenerating resources.

Under the name For Our Planet, BurdaVerlag has launched a journalistic initiative to draw attention to global climate change as the greatest challenge of our time. The initiative has two dimensions: a journalistic offensive and a new sustainability brand bearing the name of the initiative. The “climate magazines,” a series of special publications, and the sustainability conference “Munich Transition for Tomorrow,” which took place for the first time in October 2021, are being created within this framework.

by Regine von Kameke
Senior PR Manager

SOURCE: Hubert Burda Media


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