New Force Commanders for EU military operations

Brussels, 28-11-2012 — / — The Political and Security Committee today decided to appoint new force commanders for two EU military operations under the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy. Force commanders exercise command and control of military forces in the operation area and are responsible for the planning and execution of military activities.

On 3 December, Major General Dieter Heidecker (Austria) will take up the post of force commander for operation ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Operation ALTHEA focuses on capacity-building and training while retaining an executive mandate and means to contribute to the Bosnia and Herzegovina authorities’ deterrence capacity. The new force commander replaces Major General Robert Brieger who had been in the position since December 2011.

From 6 December, Rear Admiral Pedro Angel García de Paredes Perez de Sevilla (Spain) will be force commander for operation Atalanta. He replaces Rear Admiral (LH) Enrico Credendino. The EU Naval Force – Operation Atalanta, launched in December 2008, aims to prevent acts of piracy and armed robbery off the Somali coast and in the Indian Ocean. It is part of the EU’s comprehensive approach aiming at a peaceful, stable and democratic Somalia.


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