Canal Digital & TV 2 sign new distribution agreements

1-5-2013 — / — Canal Digital and TV 2 have signed new comprehensive distribution agreements. TV 2’s channels will therefore be available during the years to come to almost one million households who are cable and satellite customers of Canal Digital. The agreement has also been adapted to for the every day of modern television, and includes new and innovative services.

After long negotiations, Canal Digital and TV 2 have put their disagreements behind them and signed a three-year agreement that covers both cable TV and satellite TV. The agreement also means that once again, Canal Digital cable TV customers will have access to all of TV 2′s standard channels as part of their basic package.

‘First and foremost, this is a good day for TV viewers. At TV 2, we are particularly pleased that we once again have the opportunity to offer everyone in Norway all of our content across all of our channels,’ says Alf Hildrum, CEO of TV 2.

Hildrum indicates that viewers will now be able to enjoy full coverage of the parliamentary elections this autumn, big entertainment programmes like the new season of “Skal vi danse”(Strictly come dancing), and TV 2′s extensive sports coverage that includes huge sporting events such as the football World Cup and the 2014 winter Olympics.

‘We are pleased that we now have in place a great three-year agreement with TV 2 that ensures all of Canal Digital’s customers have access to TV 2′s channels. We are particularly satisfied that this is a forward-looking agreement, which in time will allow us to deliver a TV experience that has both more options and more flexibility for our cable and satellite TV customers,’ says Morten Karlsen Sørby, Executive Vice President and Head of Strategy and Regulatory Affairs at Telenor Group, and Chairman of Telenor Broadcast Holding AS and Telenor Norway AS.

A great agreement for all parties

The companies stress that negotiations have been long and demanding, but that they have now reached a solution where both parties are satisfied with the result and the opportunities that the agreement provides for further development. The agreement covers several new services, including the ability to watch TV 2′s programmes through various catch up services.

‘For TV 2, the negotiations have primarily been about gaining recognition of the sums involved in the production of news, sport, and Norwegian entertainment, which are resource intensive. The agreement we have negotiated provides a basis for further investment in quality content. The agreement is also a good starting point for further development of cooperation between TV 2 and Canal Digital,’ says Alf Hildrum.

‘The most important thing for us is to ensure a forward-looking agreement that resolves all previous disagreements and enables us to focus on further cooperation. We are pleased that we have reached an agreement, and that together with TV 2 we will develop TV services that are adapted to the every day of modern television,’ says Morten Karlsen Sørby.

Canal Digital Cable TV:

Catharina Kokkim, Communications Manager, Canal Digital Cable tv. Telephone +47 988 02 335

Canal Digital Norway (parabol):

Kenneth Tjønndal Pettersen, Communications Manager, Canal Digital Norge AS Telephone +47 982 57 555


Rune Indrøy, Communications Manager, TV2. Telephone +47 905 57 723


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