New American Bidet Beats French Bidet: So-Kleen Innovations Inc. Launches The American Bidet — A Huge Improvement Over The European French Bidet

New American Bidet Beats French Bidet: So-Kleen Innovations Inc. Launches The American Bidet — A Huge Improvement Over The European French Bidet — An Affordable, Convenient Toilet Enhancement For Superior Cleansing, Comfort & Toilet Hygiene.

An Affordable, Convenient Toilet Enhancement For Superior Cleansing, Comfort & Toilet Hygiene

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, 20-Feb-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — “It’s time to always be clean,” say the founders of So-Kleen Innovations, and the American Bidet is set to make attaining that goal easier than ever.

Unlike the free-standing, separate and difficult-to-use European French Bidet, the American Bidet has been built for the American consumer and attaches right under the toilet seat making it just so convenient and easy to use — no electricity or plumber needed.

To ensure the American Bidet hits the market running, So-Kleen Innovations has put together an Indiegogo campaign to raise $24,000 for the device’s final mold-making.

Everyone likes to feel clean, but regular toilet paper just doesn’t do the job well enough, only water can. The American Bidet solves this problem. Its precise, thin water spray can be tilted to target just the right areas, no matter the person’s body type or shape. “Feel fresh. Be clean all day” is the company’s motto.

“Anyone who can use a toilet can use the American Bidet, because we designed the world’s simplest, safest and easiest to use bidet which is not just affordable but saves you money!” says Ronald M. Bazar, co-founder and CEO of So-Kleen Innovations.

“One major weakness of other bidets is that the pressure can be way too strong even on the lowest settings and the temperature on the hot units can by accident be scalding hot. These are unacceptable risks, so we solved them. And being part of the toilet makes it a huge improvement over the separate and now antiquated European French bidets.”

A new take on feminine hygiene.

The American Bidet by So-Kleen offers a quick rinse on menstrual days, after baby, and for daily soothing washes.

Precision Water Spray for Toilet Hygiene:

  • Refreshing for the whole family
  • Non-toxic female cleansing
  • Relieves constipation with the strong flow setting
  • Soothes hemorrhoid & diarrhea discomfort with the gentle flow setting
  • Stops chaffing during the day
  • Dignifies the elderly & infirm
  • Assists dexterity & mobility limitations
  • Avoids post-surgery complications
  • Enables hands-free cleaning – simply pat dry after use
  • Saves money by reducing toilet paper and wipes’ usage
  • Helps the environment

The American Bidet installs in just minutes right under the toilet seat. No special tools or expertise are required, and there’s no need to call in a plumber or electrician. The device works with the water pressure that runs the toilet. Quality metal fittings ensure a leak-free and hassle-free installation. Other bidets often use plastic parts, which can warp and weaken over time.

A self-cleaning function ensures the American Bidet is always hygienic. The sleek and modern design means the American Bidet will blend in nicely in any bathroom.

While personal hygiene is important to pretty much everyone, superior cleanliness isn’t the only reason to consider the American Bidet. Increasingly, people are conscious of the ecological impact of their decisions.

Toilet paper is a huge culprit in the overuse of resources like water and pulp from felled trees. The American Bidet saves consumers money and has a positive environmental impact. With each cleaning, the device consumes just a cup or two of water and a few squares of toilet paper to dry off.

And it’s also a winner in the cost department — thanks to So-Kleen Innovations’ direct-to-consumer model, the American Bidet is available on Indiegogo from $59.

Learn more about the founders: Ron Bazar and David Vizel ~ A Unique Dynamic Duo ~ Ron is 70 and David 20. Quite a combo!

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Ron Bazar


Ron Bazar and David Vizel

Co-Founders and Chief Product Ambassadors

So-Kleen Innovations Inc.

~ A Unique Dynamic Duo ~

Ron is 70 and David 20. Quite a combo!

Ron Bazar was one of the first western entrepreneurs to do business with China. In the mid-seventies, he and his best friend and business partner, Peter Vizel, traveled to China to bring ginseng to America. Over the decades he partnered with Peter on many projects.

Ron has had years of entrepreneurial experience both in manufacturing and retailing new consumer products often importing from Chinese factories. He is the author of 11 natural health and safety books.

Ron worked in Paris at Pechiney Saint-Gobain in the summer of 1969 between first and second year Harvard Business School, living in the Quartier Latin. His former wife and mother of his two daughters is from Cap Ferret.

David Vizel was schooled at an early age in marketing strategy by his father Peter Vizel. David is a sports enthusiast, obsessed with marketing, engineering, design, photography, video-making and tech stuff. As a dual national, he was born in Hungary, and two years ago moved to Canada.

Ron came out of semi-retirement when he first discovered a primitive toilet bidet. He loved the concept and its much-improved clean feeling but was not impressed with the poor safety and functional features, as well as the chunky ugly designs. When David came to visit, he tried the bidet, saw its huge market potential and came up with the sleek modern design that is now the American Bidet.

Ron saw in David a younger version of his father with a grasp of business way beyond his years. His father had passed away several years earlier and Ron decided it would be great to work together and so So-Kleen Innovations Inc. was born.

Ron and David share a love for entrepreneurship and new products, great design, skiing and ultimate frisbee. The different perspective each founder brings to the business has been a key advantage of harnessing experience and leading edge skill sets.

“Beyond having a successful campaign, we have a long-term goal of Changing How America Wipes because if we can get wide acceptance of this evolutionary product we will make a huge positive impact on the environment, saving water, trees and chemical pollution.”  R&D

“Feel fresh. Be clean all day.”

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