Natural Cotton Color features organic cotton fabrics that already grow colorful

Natural Cotton Color features organic cotton fabrics that already grow colorful

(PRESS RELEASE) JOÃO PESSOA, PARAÍBA, Brazil, 13-Sep-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — The Brazilian company Natural Cotton Color has developed new yarns and fabrics for the sustainable fashion market, made from organic colored cotton lint from Paraíba, Northeast region of Brazil. The plume already grows in brown, green and beige, without the use of additives or dyes.

The new textile products will be presented to the international market from September 21st to 23rd at Première Vision Paris at Smart Creation’s stand 2P30, an area dedicated to innovative and sustainable products. The event takes place at the Parc des Expositions Paris-Nord Villepinte.

Denim is colored, but without dyeing

According to the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (ABIT), Brazil is the fourth global producer and consumer of Denim. Timeless, comfortable and versatile, the fabric is the base of jeans — one of the most worn items in the world. However, there is growing concern about the environmental impact of this item. According to Water Foot Print, a conventional 800 gram cotton jeans consumes 8000 liters of water in production. The cultivation of colored cotton in Paraíba, in addition to dispensing dyeing, is carried out in a family farming system without irrigation, which generates an impact of 87.5% in water savings on the final, industrialized product.

Natural Cotton Color Denim uses 100% organic, naturally colored cotton yarn applied in the plain twill fabric warp without any dyeing.

The visual effect is the result of joining white organic cotton yarns with organic colored cotton, all from Paraíba. There are three colors: BRS Rubi, BRS Verde and BRS Safira, cultivars developed through natural crossing of autochthonous species, without genetic manipulation, by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Emprapa Algodão – Paraíba). “Rubi Denim was launched in 2019, before the pandemic, now we will launch two new colors, Denim Safira and Denim Verde”, confirms Francisca Vieira, CEO of the brand.

“Our Denim is a revolution, without any type of chemical, vegetable or mineral dyeing”, explains Francisca Vieira, CEO of the brand. As it is an unprecedented product, the patent was applied for in Brazil to the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) and the process is in the Patent Pending stage in Brazil.

Organic colored cotton with silk

Silk is used to produce light, shiny and soft fabrics. The idea of mixing silk with organic colored cotton is unprecedented and generated the possibility of two new threads for the development of fabrics with better fit for use in tailoring and even haute couture.

According to the CEO, silk was chosen because it is a natural product and, like colored cotton, it has social, economic and environmental importance with labor on small rural properties and through family farming.

Cotton spinning is the final process of turning the fibers into yarn. In the natural fibers of cotton, the process consists of opening, mixing, carding, stretching and twisting. To obtain the new yarn with a process called “intimate mixture”, there is the addition of silk during flocking – when the silk particles are added to the cotton before making the yarn. The result is a yarn 30% silk and 70% colored cotton. From this yarn, it is possible to produce noble fabrics, with a soft feel and fit, serving the tailoring and haute couture market.

The cotton yarns colored with silk in the intimate blending process were tested on jersey (half knit) and on plain fabric using the Jacquard technique. “The new cotton yarn with silk in the form of an intimate blend should add even more value to colored cotton and expand production in the field”, comments the CEO.

Denim and special yarns of Colored Organic Cotton from Paraíba with silk will be sold by Natural Cotton Cotton through the company’s website for wholesale only. The minimum order is one ton, approximately 2000 meters of Denim per color. “If everyone wants to have at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe, our Denim comes as an alternative. Thus, in addition to promoting sustainable fashion – with low environmental impact, we hope to generate a high social impact with more demand for colored cotton fabrics and cover Paraíba with culture, strengthening family farming, the textile industry and fashion, an important sector of the Creative Economy”, celebrates Francisca.

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